Marketing Your Home Business in Just 30 Minutes a Week

Written by Chris Ellington

It’s allrepparttar rage. It’s what everyone is talking about. It is unquestionablyrepparttar 146025 most effective form of marketing available to home based business owners. It costs almost nothing, it takes about 30 minutes a week, and it makes your business stand out aboverepparttar 146026 competition.

What is this thing that everyone is talking about? The buzz is about “article marketing” –repparttar 146027 practice of providing royalty free content to websites, e-zines and newsletters.

It works like this: You write a simple article that is interesting to a particular group of people. It doesn’t have to be The Great American Novel, just about 500 words onrepparttar 146028 topic of your choice. Then you submit your article all overrepparttar 146029 web to ezine publishers, newsletter editors and content-laden websites.

When they publish your article (and they almost always do) your target market reads your words, sees you as an expert (after all, you’re a published author!) and they click on a link to your website that you conveniently provided atrepparttar 146030 end ofrepparttar 146031 article. Viola! Instant, qualified traffic.

And it’s not fleeting traffic. Your article remains out there for people to find for weeks, months, even years. As new people happen across your article, they clickrepparttar 146032 link and visit your site. You have a perpetual traffic machine, driving tons of pre-qualified, open-to-an-offer, interested traffic to your site. This is better than advertising, and far less expensive.

The problem isrepparttar 146033 effort of submitting your articles to enough sites that you really make a splash. Most authors will submit their articles to 20-30 places before getting totally burned out onrepparttar 146034 submission process. It’s tedious, dull, drudge work.

There are three online services that automatically submit articles for authors. Each of these services explainrepparttar 146035 intrinsic value of publishing your articles, and of course they each describe their services as best-in-class. They range from single submissions to unlimited submissions and from completely free to $119.85. Check them out and draw your own conclusions.

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Sends out articles in three categories: * Internet marketing/online business * Self-improvement/motivation * Health and fitness. (They promise “Business-General” and “Finance/Investment” categories soon.)

Submits articles to an undefined number of ezine publishers and 15 or more article announcement lists with over 10,000 subscribers.

Special Feature: Offers an article management suite to retrieve, edit, or resubmit your article.

Cost: * Bronze membership, $37.00/month, you may submit one (1) article per month * Silver membership, $57.00/month, you may submit two (2) articles per month * Gold membership, $75.00/month, you may submit three (3) articles per month * Platinum membership, $90.00/month, you may submit four (4) articles per month

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Free Tools For Home Business Entrepreneurs

Written by Chris Ellington

When resources are scarce it’s important to maximize results and stretch every dollar. As home business entrepreneurs, we don’t haverepparttar ad budgets of Coca-Cola and Disney, we can’t afford to throw money away.

There are a number of free resources that make building and promoting your website a whole lot easier.

Web Site Design - page layout ( Steve provides free web page templates which are nice looking, professional and can be used free for personal and business websites. Check out allrepparttar 146024 variations and pick a template for your site. Another way to use this is as a springboard for your own creativity. Perhaps you like an element on template 1 andrepparttar 146025 navigation of template 7. Get some ideas for creating your own site from scratch. There are also designs you can buy for under $100 and you gain access to a number of images, clipart, sounds, fonts etc.

Web Site Design - graphics ( Cool Text is a wonderful tool for creating great looking buttons and logos. It’s free andrepparttar 146026 combinations of shape/color/texture/font are virtually endless. You can create professional buttons and logos with just a few mouse clicks. I use this site any time I want to "freshen up" my site or create buttons/logos for my customers.

Web Site Performance - images ( Nothing slows down your page like heavy graphics. Did you know that you can dramatically reducerepparttar 146027 file size of your graphics without compromisingrepparttar 146028 look and feel of your site? That’s where comes in. Run their free “optimization” tool on your gif images and watch as they get more and more streamlined. Your web pages will load faster. Gifworks has a paid service as well, allowing you to buy images, get custom work, etc.

Web Site Performance – code ( Is your website correctly coded? This free validator fromrepparttar 146029 W3 examines your html and reports missing tags, missing attributes and other errors that make your code non-standard and therefore difficult for some web browsers to serve up. With line-by-line validation, you can easily findrepparttar 146030 places in your code that will cause errors. I love this validator, it makes sure my pages work across all browsers and platforms. No more trying pages in every browser/OS configuration. When it validates here, you can be sure that it’s up to W3 standards.

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