Marketing Tips 2

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

This month we will deal withrepparttar issue "How Can I Get Name Recognition". Some ofrepparttar 117692 ways in which to get your "name out there" are to call your local television and radio stations, and ascertain whether there is a medium you can get your name in. A very good source are public stations that hold auctions, at which you can donate your services. Talk shows, both radio and television. Do something to get yourself noticed and send it to them. For example, we sent a fax torepparttar 117693 television and radio stations that for anyone who was unemployed we would do a typeset resume for only $10. Channel 13 came out and interviewed us, and we were on their 6 p.m. news program.

Send press releases to television and radio stations, in addition to newspapers. Make it short, concise, and eye catching. One tip is to put your picture onrepparttar 117694 press release. Be sure allrepparttar 117695 information you want to impart is inrepparttar 117696 first paragraph.

How To Improve Your Sales Skills

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

One ofrepparttar biggest problems for many business owners isrepparttar 117691 ability to overcome objections. In fact, for many, this skill could berepparttar 117692 difference between succeeding and going back to being an employee. Since none of us want to do that, we need to hone our sales writing skills and our in person skills. This article will discussrepparttar 117693 in person skills.

Objections stop sales. Period. The customer says, "No". Listen torepparttar 117694 objection. For example,repparttar 117695 customer says, "It's too expensive". Don't walk away or hang up, listen. Do they really think it is or is this just a knee jerk response. Is he/she trying to buy time, make up their mind. Tell them aboutrepparttar 117696 product, benefits to them, how it can help their business. Listen to your customer. Let them finish before immediately jumping in and responding.

Don't over-react by interrupting while they are speaking. First of all, you cut them off, which upsets them, and secondly you appear as if you are dying forrepparttar 117697 sale.

Letrepparttar 117698 customer finish speaking. Be empathetic. Show you understandrepparttar 117699 concern and then deal withrepparttar 117700 objection. If it's price, agree, that while it might seem high it's not when you consider howrepparttar 117701 product or services saves time, helps them cut costs, helps expand their business and so on.

Look for solutions. Ask for less. Many times a customer will say they are happy withrepparttar 117702 person they are doing business with. In fact, it might be a family member or a relative. Hard to argue against. See if you can get part of it. Say, that's fine. Tell them you just want them to give you a chance to show them what you can do for them. Point out it is always better to have more than one company supplying a product or service. A good example for this area is whenrepparttar 117703 seller is already with a Realtor, or is adamant about selling it his/her self. Point out that your consulting with them, or working with them, just gives them another avenue to help them move their property. Remember, it's never a good idea to knockrepparttar 117704 competition.

Concederepparttar 117705 point. Sometimes you won't be able to contestrepparttar 117706 objection. In that case, go around it. For example, Yes, they are a good publisher, they do good work at a good price. I'm good too, I can get you what you need faster forrepparttar 117707 same price. Let me prove it to you.

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