Marketing Tips 1

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

This month we will deal withrepparttar issue, Where Can I Get Clients From? The following tips have come from a wide variety of sources; some from other successful businesses we know, some from our Home-Based and Small Business Support Group meetings and some we've developed by trial and error.

Some ofrepparttar 117693 ways to get clients are: contact previous employers; mailing lists; cold call your target market; attend group meetings and seminars for your target market (conventions for doctors, lawyers; computer seminars); attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings; join groups related to your target market; if your target market uses a specific system, for example accountants userepparttar 117694 SafeGuard system, contact them and tell them that you are available to teach

Marketing Tips 2

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

This month we will deal withrepparttar issue "How Can I Get Name Recognition". Some ofrepparttar 117692 ways in which to get your "name out there" are to call your local television and radio stations, and ascertain whether there is a medium you can get your name in. A very good source are public stations that hold auctions, at which you can donate your services. Talk shows, both radio and television. Do something to get yourself noticed and send it to them. For example, we sent a fax torepparttar 117693 television and radio stations that for anyone who was unemployed we would do a typeset resume for only $10. Channel 13 came out and interviewed us, and we were on their 6 p.m. news program.

Send press releases to television and radio stations, in addition to newspapers. Make it short, concise, and eye catching. One tip is to put your picture onrepparttar 117694 press release. Be sure allrepparttar 117695 information you want to impart is inrepparttar 117696 first paragraph.

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