Marketing Director

Written by Vibrafoon

Vibrafoon turns mobile phone into personal massaging device Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2005 - Vibrafoon launchesrepparttar Vibrafonic, an application that turns a mobile phone into a subtle personal massaging device. According to Harry Lips, marketing manager at Vibrafoon,repparttar 135344 Vibrafonic is exactly what people have been talking about for years, but no-one actually tried to commercially market. Everyone knowsrepparttar 135345 joke about using a phone as a massaging device through its vibration mode. "Pretty much all websites that sell mobile content offerrepparttar 135346 same ringtones and wallpapers. We offer something new, something original", says Harry Lips. The Vibrafonics are downloadable at They are available in three different categories: Fun, Flirty and Erotic. A few examples are 'Pounding Hearts', 'Kissing Lips', andrepparttar 135347 more naughty 'Red Devil'. After ordering,repparttar 135348 customer receives an SMS message withrepparttar 135349 selected Vibrafonic. Whenrepparttar 135350 Vibrafonic is startedrepparttar 135351 phone vibrates gently while showingrepparttar 135352 animation or movieclip.

Do I have to Read it?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Often when I run across a good novel, or even after I've written an interesting piece, myself; I'll offerrepparttar stories or summaries to my teenagers Usually, their first response is, "Do I have to read it?" And many times, I will reply, "No, you don't have to read it, but I bet you'll find it interesting."

While time has evolved, kids and adults alike, are less inclined to check into local libraries for literary enjoyment. As a stark awakening, I find that most children eagerly seek other forms of entertainment inrepparttar 135323 forms of multimedia such as video games, cable television, film and yes -repparttar 135324 Internet, too. While movies, TV, andrepparttar 135325 Worldwide Web are phenomenal means of artistic and informational conveyance, they do not adequately serverepparttar 135326 human imagination.

My first real interest into in-depth novels began when my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Drozdowski introduced our class to William Shakespeare's play, MacBeth. I found Shakepeare's works intriguing and viewed his literature as a renewed breath in poetical, literary expressionism. I further immersed myself in other literature likerepparttar 135327 Nancy Drew series, Jack London's "Call ofrepparttar 135328 Wild," and Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo."

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