Marketing-Minded Financial Planners Find Free Publicity on Google and Yahoo

Written by Ned Steele

When a big story breaks, hundreds of media people begin searching for subject-matter experts to interview. They are also suddenly very receptive to stories that tie intorepparttar big story.

But...the window closes as quickly as it opens, for two reasons.

One, there will be many other financial planners looking to be interviewed. Two, another big story may come along tomorrow.

That's why you want to be one ofrepparttar 144465 first voices that a reporter hears after they learn ofrepparttar 144466 big story.

Financial Planners Garner Free Publicity by Making it Easy for the Media

Written by Ned Steele

Would you advise clients to buy a stock based onrepparttar say so of an investor relations person, or something you overheard at a restaurant? Of course not. You want to see at least some independent research before suggesting it be added to your clients' portfolios.

Media people are just as protective of their "clients,"repparttar 144464 reading and viewing public.

Your word about a new trend in investing orrepparttar 144465 latest tip for retirement planning might be enough to get a media person interested, but it usually won't be enough information for them to write a whole article or create a television segment.

Most times, they’ll need more than your timely information and juicy quotes to complete their story. They’ll need some background information such as:

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