Marketing-Minded Financial Planners--Appearing on TV? Tell the World!

Written by Ned Steele

It doesn't matter how cruelrepparttar reality programs get, there always seems to be an endless supply of people willing to humiliate themselves to get on television. There's just something exciting about appearing in front of millions of people.

Just knowing someone that's going to be on TV or onrepparttar 145526 radio is exciting, so when you know you are going to be onrepparttar 145527 air, send an alert to your mailing list. Send notes, e-mails, faxes whatever it takes so they know when they can catch you. You'll be surprised at how many people tune in. After all, they now know a real celebrity!

Of course, most people will still miss it. It isn't as easy to send a "reprint" of a TV or radio appearance, but it can be done. Get a copy of your appearance. Never askrepparttar 145528 reporter (unless they offer), they have to get to work on their next story. Callrepparttar 145529 stationrepparttar 145530 next day and see if you can get a copy. If not, call a media monitoring service in your area. Most cities have one. They tape every local TV and radio broadcast and can providerepparttar 145531 video or audio you need.

Publicity: Nailing an Media Interview, Part III (Staying on Topic)

Written by Ned Steele

In a media interview, always stick to your main points without rambling or digressing. Practice this when you rehearse.

Sometimes, when you are doing a great job of keeping on topic,repparttar reporter is leading to you talk about different topics, some of which you aren't as knowledgeable about. Ifrepparttar 145525 reporter leads you into different areas, go there only if it suits your needs and you are comfortable there.

One advanced technique you can use in a tough interview is "bridging." Bridging is simply steeringrepparttar 145526 interview back to your topic. Going down any side roads a reporter pursues is usually a bad idea even ifrepparttar 145527 detour is innocuous, it takes you off your main points. You may find, whenrepparttar 145528 article is published orrepparttar 145529 interview airs, thatrepparttar 145530 only comments of yours that reachrepparttar 145531 general public are those about a topic that you don't know much about. This isn't going to help your marketing efforts at all.

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