Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, the Media Wants to Give You Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

In this great country of ours, there are basically three ways to get yourself tons of media coverage.

You can be a celebrity. Try becoming a TV, movie or sports star. That’s a good start.

You can become notorious. Getting arrested, or enmeshed in a juicy scandal, will do nicely.

But I recommend that you followrepparttar third route. You can become an expert.

Experts, you see, are quoted inrepparttar 144581 media allrepparttar 144582 time. Allrepparttar 144583 time. The media need experts to interview and quote, just like puppies need blankets to chew on. Couldn’t live without ‘em.

To a TV, radio, or newspaper reporter, experts are essential because they explain things torepparttar 144584 watching and reading audience. News reporters, on air or in print, may chooserepparttar 144585 news and tell it. But experts explain it all.

Evergreen Publicity for Marketing-Minded Financial Planners

Written by Ned Steele

They'd hate to admit it, butrepparttar media is pretty predictable.

There are some stories that will run in newspapers untilrepparttar 144580 saints go marching in. Some ofrepparttar 144581 obvious ones: diet tips, anything having to do with kids or animals, political scandals, celebrity could probably find a story about each one of these topics in every single edition of every daily newspaper inrepparttar 144582 country.

Long ago, newspaper editors realized that these topics attract readers. And, if you got your story published,repparttar 144583 same determination was made about your topic. Once a topic is anointed as "news-worthy" byrepparttar 144584 media, you can keep coming back to it again and again, as long as you have a reasonably new angle.

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