Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Join Your Professional Organization to Get Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Unlike some professionals like lawyers and doctors, financial planners aren't required to be members of a professional association. However, if you want to take advantage of a great way to get free publicity, you marketing-minding financial professionals will join an association likerepparttar Financial Planning Association orrepparttar 144508 Society of Financial Service Professionals.

Get active first in your local chapter, then nationally. Being active in a professional association isrepparttar 144509 number one way for a financial planner to get media coverage.

When media folks need experts, they often go straight torepparttar 144510 associations for help. This is a particularly popular tactic among local newspaper or television reporters who want a local person to comment on a national story. Hasrepparttar 144511 stock market had a huge rally? They'll want a local stock-picker to share their thoughts, not a New York City brokerage chief. That's when a reporter will callrepparttar 144512 association.

Two Don'ts for Financial Planners Seeking Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Many of my clients have hadrepparttar misguided perception that they won't be able to get media coverage from a publication that their larger competitors advertise in. Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 144467 truth.

Most respectable publications erect a wall separating advertising and editorial (news/feature) coverage. Reporters and editors are specifically instructed to not give preferential treatment to advertisers. It's one ofrepparttar 144468 first things you learn in Journalism 101.

Many larger publications are so cautious about this; they end up actually being less likely to write articles about or containing quotes from advertisers.

This leads to two very important "don'ts":

1. Don't give up hope of getting quoted in or writing an article for a publication just because you don't advertise in it.

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