Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, It's Not Who You Know But What You Know

Written by Ned Steele

Almost every day, I hearrepparttar same question, over and over, from motivated, well-meaning financial planners who want to use publicity in their marketing mix. It goes something like this:

“Who do you know inrepparttar 144515 media? (Or, sometimes they frame it as, “Who do I need to know inrepparttar 144516 media?”) Can you get me publicity?”

My answer is alwaysrepparttar 144517 same. Who you know inrepparttar 144518 media is only halfrepparttar 144519 game. And it’srepparttar 144520 easier half.

Because here’s what you get with who you know inrepparttar 144521 media:

It gets them to take your phone call, or your e-mail. Period. That’s it.

Want Your Press Release Read? Add Visuals

Written by Scott Baradell

I attended a Business Wire panel this morning onrepparttar value of adding visuals -- from product photos to video clips -- to news releases through BW's "Smart News Release" offering. A news release with a photo attached, for example, is 2.5 times as likely to be viewed as a text-only release.

The panel featured Chris Wilkins, photo editor for The Dallas Morning News, and David Kent, photo editor forrepparttar 144514 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, as well as a BW exec. They providedrepparttar 144515 following recommendations for getting your picture in print (with or withoutrepparttar 144516 Smart News Release service):

-- Preferred format is Photoshop jpeg, at least 300 dpi -- Let them know if you've alteredrepparttar 144517 photo beyond basic cleanup, so it can be labeled as a photo illustration rather than a news photo

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