Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Create Your Very Own Story to Get Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

One big mistake that many marketing-minded financial planners make when contactingrepparttar media is to drop what's called an "information dump."

Sending a reporter statistics onrepparttar 144454 growth of your business (no matter how impressive) or onrepparttar 144455 success rate of your stock picks (no matter how propitious) will simply overwhelm them and will not garner publicity.

What reporters want is a story a smaller piece of information that is likely to hold their attention and help their readers, viewers or listeners.

Helprepparttar 144456 media slice and dice your professional knowledge into bits they can use. Pre-slice and dice it for them. Because when you do, you increase our odds of getting publicity.

How Marketing-Minded Financial Planners Get Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Youve probably noticed, if you live on this planet, that we live in a media-driven world. You may have mixed feelings, personally or philosophically, about this. But its a fact of modern life. And in at least one very important way, its good news. This is how:

Living in a media-driven world is very good for financial planners. For anyone, in fact, who makes a living or runs an organization that is based on using their know-how or getting a message across.

Because if you fit any of these categories and most people do, even many who work with their hands you can get media coverage. Favorable, positive media publicity. Free publicity. And you can use that free publicity to build your practice.

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