Market Your Business through Newsletters

Written by Paul Jesse

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Most business people onrepparttar web subscribe to at least one newsletter, if not more, that focus on different aspects and markets they are interested in. Because of this, it is important for your company to also have a newsletter that provides viable, relevant, and current information and that also markets your product or service. You might be a bit intimidated when it comes to writing a newsletter, but really all you need is a couple hours and a few good ideas. This should not be difficult if you are keeping up withrepparttar 136831 constant changes and improvements in your niche market. You will want to be always one step ahead ofrepparttar 136832 rest ofrepparttar 136833 newsletters in order to maintain and build a larger subscriber base quicker.

One ofrepparttar 136834 most important things for your newsletter is not only to be relevant, but also to look professional. People seerepparttar 136835 newsletter before they actually read it and if it looks unprofessional, subscribers could easily unsubscribe without ever reading it and you will lose a subscriber. There are many software programs you can buy that will help you build a newsletter that is not only professional, but has additional design features andrepparttar 136836 like. This is important because appearances can often mean everything so far as getting people to actually read what you have written. There are plenty of programs available online and web sites that cross compare programs features and prices. This will help you make a good choice inrepparttar 136837 program best for you.

icrosoft Great Plains - Website Integration - eStore Advantage

Written by Nodus Technologies, Inc.

Leveragingrepparttar advanced functionality of Credit Card Advantage and Microsoft eConnect technology, this dynamic solution seamlessly integrates your existing Web storefront with vital back office applications, includingrepparttar 136713 accounting solution.

This middleware solution enables companies to quickly and easily process payments within any website or front-office application. eStore Advantage seamlessly transfers payment data torepparttar 136714 back office. The system initiates communication withrepparttar 136715 payment gateway to secure authorization for credit card orders and captures funds and transfersrepparttar 136716 data back to Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains.

eStore Advantage creates a fluid electronic payment process by connecting your Web store directly to Great Plains so you can automate web orders, improve operational efficiency, and increase net margins. Enter new order and account information directly into Great Plains, post payment and sales order data in real-time, and accept multiple payment types and origination points.

With eStore Advantage, you can process and submit web orders quickly and easily, eliminating double-entry errors and freeing resources previously dedicated to manual order processing.

Seamless Integration between your eStore and Great Plains: Communicate transaction details and vital information seamlessly between your Web storefront and your back office applications, eliminating manual entry of credit card information and streamlining workflow.

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