March: New Moon in Pisces

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

Onrepparttar Universal Psychic Guild Website, Astrogirl gives usrepparttar 122147 latest celebrity gossip - but with a Twist!! Using her skills as an astrologer, she PREDICTS what will happen inrepparttar 122148 lives of some our favourite and loathed celebrities.

For example, in January, Astrogirl predicted that Capricorns Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth's relationship would break-up withrepparttar 122149 new moon in Capricorn. Although a very serious and intense partnership,repparttar 122150 like minded goats can often blow up over trivial issues. Well! What do you know? it was announced that Orlando and Kate have gone their separate ways after their lengthy 2 year relationship.

Astrogirl also predicted in February that Nic Cage and his new wife Alice Kim could experience a 'passionate' few weeks as Mars moved into Capricorn. There are now reports that Nic and Alice are expecting their first child together!

Next month Astrogirl predicts that withrepparttar 122151 New Moon in Pisces around March 10, many celebrities such as Drew Barrymore , Charlotte Church, Jessica Biel will be swept up byrepparttar 122152 romance- so don't be surprised if a sudden engagement or a quickie wedding is revealed.

Understanding the Tarot Card Deck - Part 1

Written by Lisa Lamont

One ofrepparttar first steps toward understandingrepparttar 122146 Tarot lies in appreciatingrepparttar 122147 meaning of its two Arcana –repparttar 122148 Major andrepparttar 122149 Minor. But even before that,repparttar 122150 novice does well by committing to memoryrepparttar 122151 meaning of “Arcana” – defined as “mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only byrepparttar 122152 initiate.”

By its very definition,repparttar 122153 word “Arcana” exudes secrecy and a certain esoteric eeriness – making itrepparttar 122154 perfect word forrepparttar 122155 two branches ofrepparttar 122156 Tarot so important to believers, including new “initiates.” To learn about Tarot is one thing; to truly learnrepparttar 122157 meaning ofrepparttar 122158 Tarot’s Arcana is quite another.

Becauserepparttar 122159 Arcana are secret, and because their deeper meanings are closed to many, learning them takes time, determination, and perhaps even a gift. This gift belongs to those with a desire to learnrepparttar 122160 mysteries and knowledge ofrepparttar 122161 Ancients,repparttar 122162 special few,repparttar 122163 Chosen. The Arcana, though seemingly somewhat simplistic at first glance, are in actualityrepparttar 122164 great secret to reading Tarot.

The first ofrepparttar 122165 Arcana, termedrepparttar 122166 “Major Arcana,” symbolically relate to our physical, as well as intellectual, emotional, and spiritual states of being. These 22 powerful cards illuminate our strengths, weaknesses, fears, wishes, andrepparttar 122167 light and dark portions of our souls. The Major Arcana in a commonly used Tarot deck includerepparttar 122168 fool,repparttar 122169 magician,repparttar 122170 high priestess,repparttar 122171 empress,repparttar 122172 emperor,repparttar 122173 hierophant (wise man or teacher),repparttar 122174 lovers,repparttar 122175 chariot, strength,repparttar 122176 hermit,repparttar 122177 wheel of fortune, justice,repparttar 122178 hanged man, death, temperance,repparttar 122179 devil,repparttar 122180 tower,repparttar 122181 star,repparttar 122182 sun,repparttar 122183 moon, judgment, andrepparttar 122184 world.

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