Marble Floors and How to Maintain Them

Written by Edward Green IICRC inst

For honed marble used as traffic surfaces, care should be taken to prevent accumulations of liquids or other materials that result in safety hazards and staining. Regular daily mopping should be performed. Floor marble is any honed finish that is used as a traffic surface. These surfaces should be mopped and scrubbed in a manner that will not leave a hazardous slippery film.

Again, wet with hot, clean water and then lightly sprinkle an abrasive cleaner (i.e, chlorine bleaching type household scouring cleanser) overrepparttar wet stone, or put 1-2 handfuls into a pail of 2-3 gallons of hot clean water.

Using a scrubbing motion, moprepparttar 138500 marble surfaces with this solution (or with hot clean water if you are sprinklingrepparttar 138501 cleaner directly onrepparttar 138502 stone). Rinse with clean hot water and dry with mop or cloths. Power scrubbers can also be used forrepparttar 138503 procedure.

Often it is also desirable to protect special interior areas and to enhancerepparttar 138504 coloration of Honed marble in areas where a polished finish is not practical. In such cases sealers may be applied afterrepparttar 138505 marble has been cleaned. This minimizes maintenance and prevents staining - especially around toilets and urinals in restrooms or in food preparation areas and busy building entrances.


Written by By Edward Green IICRC inst

By Edward Green IICRC inst

A honed finish is a satin surface with relatively little light reflection. It is specified for floors, thresholds and other locations whererepparttar presence of water might make a polished finish slippery, or where heavy traffic would wear offrepparttar 138475 polished finish.

As a rule, honed finishes are more susceptible to soiling than polished finishes, because a honed surface is slightly more porous and absorptive than polished finish. However,repparttar 138476 honed finish is easier to restore because it will sustain harsher cleaning efforts.

Normal maintenance of honed finishes involves as-needed washing with clean water and mildly abrasive cleaners, which retain a pumice-type finish, whilerepparttar 138477 cleaners remove soils. There are thick liquid cleaners and chlorine-bleach type scouring powders commercially available.

The marble should be wet with clean, hot water. Then using a mildly abrasive alkaline cleaner and stiff bristle brush, wash in overlapping, swirling strokes. Suds can be left to stand for several minutes to permitrepparttar 138478 bleaching agents to work onrepparttar 138479 stains and dirts. Rinse thoroughly and dry with cotton, cotton flannel, burlap or chamois skin. Wipe well to avoid streaking.

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