Mapping Software: Putting Data Visualization on the Map

Written by Joe Miller

Mapping Software Improves Data Visualization

Fromrepparttar outset, it is important to clarify exactly what mapping software is and what it has to do with data visualization. If you are looking for driving directions for your next road trip, this is notrepparttar 150552 article for you. If you are looking for a tool to organize and bring to life complex levels of information which revolutionizes tracking and reporting, then you have come torepparttar 150553 right place. Data visualization used to be visual organization of data in simple bar charts, pie graphs, or some form of mapping until mapping software enabled data visualization to simplify complex levels of interactive information.

Mapping Software Tools

The reason why mapping software is able to make so much information interactive is that it interfaces with so many interactive mapping tools commonly used inrepparttar 150554 business world. Any report, map, chart, or graph used in tracking, reporting, presentations, or research will benefit from mapping software. The following is a brief explanation of many ofrepparttar 150555 tools used in mapping software.


Flash technology streamlines information by making visible only what you are looking for. For example, you may move your map fromrepparttar 150556 “home” link torepparttar 150557 “about us” link of a website and seerepparttar 150558 “home” menu disappear andrepparttar 150559 “about us” menu pop out. What you are looking for appears, everything else disappears.


Mapping software also interfaces with Java technology, allowing networks to benefit from mapping software. Each manager, employee, and customer will be able to interact withrepparttar 150560 company information they need.

Are You Leveraging Your Business Network?

Written by Denise OBerry

Copyright 2005 Denise OBerry

Just yesterday I received an email from a colleague telling me her husband had been laid off from yet another corporate job. Willrepparttar downsizing ever stop? I doubt it. Most large corporations focus purely onrepparttar 150551 bottom line and employees arerepparttar 150552 biggest expense.

And sadly, many workers become lax at maintaining their professional network when they've worked with a company a while. With mass layoff announcements screaming at us every day inrepparttar 150553 news, having a dead or outdated business network can extendrepparttar 150554 time it takes to find a new position. And what about new grads? Without a business network, what is their hope of finding that prized position?

It's common knowledge that many jobs are filled through word of mouth networking, yet most job seekers begin their hunt without a strong business network. Having a dead, outdated or non-existent business network can extendrepparttar 150555 time it takes to find a job. And if you're in business for yourself, your business network is your key to success.

Whether you're shy or outgoing, business networking must be part of your marketing arsenal. You'll be successful if you are prepared. Here are a few keys to success.

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