Manifesting Effectively

Written by Roy E. Klienwachter

After years of studyingrepparttar process of manifesting and writing about it, I have come to this conclusion. The process of creating, itself is very simple. Letting go of our need to control it, is mankind's greatest challenge. The awareness of need for manifestation comes up in our wakened consciousness, when there is a desire or need brought torepparttar 122290 surface. We are made aware of our hunger when we feelrepparttar 122291 pain, orrepparttar 122292 clock nears a meal time. We are reminded that we need money, when we receiverepparttar 122293 bill inrepparttar 122294 mail. We become aware of need to increase our productivity, when we are presented with a low pay cheque that doesn't meet our expenditures.   But how do we manifestrepparttar 122295 things that we need or desire? Inrepparttar 122296 spiritual sense, all our needs are provided for. Our health and bodily functions are on auto pilot and are taken care of internally by a build-in consciousness. Our basic human needs are regulated from a lower level of consciousness. Our desires and wants come fromrepparttar 122297 ego at a higher state of awareness. Howeverrepparttar 122298 fulfillment of both needs and desires come fromrepparttar 122299 same place. Individually and together, we have created a system inrepparttar 122300 physical world that supplies our needs. We are left to our own resources to create or manifest fulfillment of our desires or wants. The process of manifesting is a three step process...thought, word, and deed. First we are made aware of a desire (thought), I want more money! Then we declare (word) that we are going to do something that will bring us more money. And lastly we do it (deed). So, what isrepparttar 122301 difference between having our needs met and fulfilling our desires? The big stumbling block to having our desires met, is our thought process. The very thing (thought) that causes us to be made aware of a desire, isrepparttar 122302 thing that gets in our way of having it. It's our own individuality or thought process about a thing that limits us inrepparttar 122303 acquisition of that thing. Becauserepparttar 122304 choices are endless, andrepparttar 122305 ways are many, often we sabotagerepparttar 122306 process andrepparttar 122307 result is "trying." We spend more time trying to get what we want and less time actually getting it.

Daily Rituals as a Doorway to the Higher

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Description: Article fromrepparttar Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic on using daily ritual to connect with a higher self or higher power.

Key Words: daily ritual, spiritual ritual, spiritual doorway, higher power, walking ritual, Stephanie Yeh

DAILY Rituals as a Doorway torepparttar 122289 Higher ================================================== If you have a longing to connect with something higher, whether it be your higher self or higher powers and beings, one ofrepparttar 122290 simplest ways to connect is by creating a daily ritual for yourself. Whether you meditate, do yoga, read inspirational books, or just take a walk, doing a daily ritual creates a doorway through whichrepparttar 122291 higher can enter your life.

Most of us are so busy duringrepparttar 122292 day that we have a hard time hearing that quiet, dry voice of higher guidance. Whether we know it or not, our guides, totems, angels, and higher selves are speaking to us allrepparttar 122293 time-most ofrepparttar 122294 time we just can't hear them over allrepparttar 122295 noise of cell phones, radio, teleconferences, and gossip. So, we need to set aside some sacred time to connect, and daily rituals are perfect for that.

If you've already got a daily ritual that you use, you're one step ahead. Just make sure and do that ritual with as much consistency as possible. In spiritual circles, people have discovered thatrepparttar 122296 consistency of doing a ritual atrepparttar 122297 same time every time increasesrepparttar 122298 level and quality ofrepparttar 122299 connection withrepparttar 122300 higher. If you don't already have a ritual, you can try meditation (seerepparttar 122301 Resources section for more details), or you can try this simple walking ritual:

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