Manifesting Basics

Written by Judi Singleton

Since I was in my 30's I have been working with conscious manifestation. I understood long before I ever heard of things like; quantum physics, orrepparttar law of attraction, that I manifested according to my thoughts. When I was in High School I heard this loud and clear in my Catholic School that thinking thing was just like doing them. I read in my Grandma's Unity books all about manifesting what I thought. Then later as I went to Unity Church they taught me these laws. So you see this is not "New Age." You do manifest everything in your life. You always have manifested everything in your life. So let's takerepparttar 137333 steps to manifesting apart so that we can look atrepparttar 137334 process of manifestation, and in doing so be a deliberate creator. How do we create our reality? We create our reality through thoughts and feelings. Thoughts Many of our thoughts are unconscious. This is Higher Powers way of not muddling up this now. Since time is not real and we are always inrepparttar 137335 now; if allrepparttar 137336 nows we ever experienced were present in this now; we would have to much input and become overwhelmed. So much of our life is stored inrepparttar 137337 unconscious. Now a lot of this data we stored when we were really young. Lots of it was stored before we were five years old. So lots ofrepparttar 137338 data there is distorted from a five year olds perspective. My Mother had this saying, "Don't you ever raise your hand to me." I must of heard this over and over before I was five years old. I gotrepparttar 137339 idea that I had some kind of power in my hands that would harm. So even when I went to school I would not raise my hand. This is an example of how subsconious thoughts might be distorted. I bring this up because when we are bringing things fromrepparttar 137340 subconsious to light we have to take this in consideration. Memories can be very distorted. Things that did happen sometimes are all lumped together and they did not happen atrepparttar 137341 same time but in our memory they did. Our subconscious just stores data much like a big computer for future use. Like a computer some of this data gets corrupted. So when we declutterrepparttar 137342 unconscious we might chose to check memories out with someone else that was there. We might ask someone how old we were when such and such happened to check out if just our age had something to do with how we remember it. Anyway lots of postive and lots of negative things got stored. What we want to deal with today is replacing allrepparttar 137343 negative with positive. Now if I go back to my Catholic school and Unity learning. They told me way back then think postive, visualize in a postive manner, only read things that are positive, only watch positive TV or movies. Well they did have TV and movies back then. Why did they tell me that because even then they only wanted me to storerepparttar 137344 positive because then I would think positive things and create a positive world. Since everything that went into my computer called my subsconscious was not positive. Plus we are all hooked into something calledrepparttar 137345 "mass consciousness" or Jung called itrepparttar 137346 collective unconscious then every thought we have is no necessarily our own. It is influenced by what others have thought about that particular thing. So anyway how do we getrepparttar 137347 most positive thoughts in our unconscious mind. We can use affirmations and couple them with visualization. Now some of you are going to say wow affirmations don't work they are boring. But let's think of a few basic things here: 1. It took years to fill up our subsconscious with negative thoughts, our thoughts are influenced by our age that thought first was experienced, and we all are connected torepparttar 137348 mass consciousness so nothing is going to change overnight by saying a few postive words. 2. When we say affirmations we need to use presence tense. The subsconscious mind does not knowrepparttar 137349 difference betweenrepparttar 137350 nows because it does not store things in a time sequence. So When we say an affirmation we always userepparttar 137351 presence tense. Example I am now a millionaire. Not Next year I will be a millionaire 3.e only positive terms example I eat all I want and all I eat turns to energy Not I do not overeat Allrepparttar 137352 subsconsious hears inrepparttar 137353 above statement isrepparttar 137354 overeat so what do you do you overeat. Feelings What we think creates how we feel. So by thinking joyful, exciting, peaceful, loving thoughts we create joy, excitment, peace and love. When we think anxiously, fearfully, we are worried we create fear, anxiety and worry. Now this is allrepparttar 137355 same energy we decide how to think with it. No one thinks in your head but you. You can also decide whether to think joy or fear. So get excited sing your affirmation. "I am a wonderful, loving, joyful person." sing it inrepparttar 137356 shower, sing it inrepparttar 137357 car onrepparttar 137358 way to work. Remember a time in your life when you were really joyful. Now your subconsious does not recognise different nows. So bring that joyful time into this now. Think about a special place you went with a special person, think how happy you were. This will bring your vibration up and help your thoughts or affirmations to manifest.

Be Driven

Written by Debbie O'Meara

Iím shopping for a new car (yes, that brings up all kinds of attraction questions, but Iíll leave that for another day!) Iíve owned my current car for more than ten years now. When I first test-drove it, I hadnít heard of that particular model. But once Iíd looked at it, I started seeing it all overrepparttar place. Has that ever happened to you?

When I wasnít inrepparttar 137149 car-buying mentality, my mind wasnít picking up on different models. They didnít enter my consciousness. Then I tuned into it, and boom! they were everywhere. Where did they come from all of a sudden?

The obvious answer is that they were always there. They didnít appear onrepparttar 137150 freeway just because I was ready. But they appeared to me because I was ready.

I had seen that particular make and model of car before. But there are cars everywhere. I was aware of it, but I hadnít focused on it till I was considering one for myself.

Thereís always something to think about, something to occupy my thoughts. My mind races in I-donít-know-how-many different directions. I can have a lot of things going on at once. But I canít focus on all of them. I can be aware of them, but I canít focus on them.

Charles Fillmore understood this when he wrote in his book Prosperity:

--Öthere is a spiritual law that brings into manifestationrepparttar 137151 thoughts we focus on, a divine universal law of mind activity that never fails. (Lesson Four: ďHumanity,repparttar 137152 Inlet and Outlet of Divine Mind.Ē)

Thatís reallyrepparttar 137153 crux ofrepparttar 137154 Law of Attraction, isnít it? Part of it is making sure youíre filling your mind withrepparttar 137155 right thoughts, thoughts of abundance rather than lack. But what I read tells me we need to go a step beyond that. We need to get clear on what we want,repparttar 137156 clearerrepparttar 137157 better, and focus on it. Ask for it specifically. Thatís how weíll getrepparttar 137158 message across. Once we focus on what we want, once we see it mentally, we see it physically. And when weíve figured out exactly what we want, we giverepparttar 137159 universerepparttar 137160 chance to find it for us.

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