Manifesting - create your own reality

Written by Nisandeh Neta

Manifesting - Create Your Own Reality

By Nisandeh Neta (based on text by Richard Mark-Coates)

I've experimented with conscious manifesting techniques for 13 years now. For 5 years I have taught othersrepparttar tools that I myself have learned in a course called 'Manifesting Results'. Some people come torepparttar 124028 course with a preconception that I'm going to teach them how to manifest. The bad news is that I'm not going to do that. The good news is that you already DO manifest everything in your life. You always have. Since we all already create our own realities, what we do inrepparttar 124029 course is slow downrepparttar 124030 creative process and learn how this is done, in order to understandrepparttar 124031 principals behind and in so doing adjust things and create something different.

We create our reality from our Thoughts, Feelings, Choices and Beliefs. Lets explore each of these:

THOUGHTS Your unconscious mind works inrepparttar 124032 same manner as a refrigerator. A refrigerator cannot tellrepparttar 124033 truth from a lie, has no sense of humor, always works in present time, always accepts what comes in and simply agrees and says, "YES".

Throughout your life your fridge has been faithfully storing information.

Whenever any of your senses picked up a message that you are a good person or a loveable person, your fridge opened its door, said, "YES" and stored it away.

Of course, any time that you picked up that you were a bad person, unworthy or unlovable, your fridge just says, "YES" and stores it away.

You therefore have, a lot of stored data, and your self- image as well as your self-esteem are based on this information.

Studies show that 80% of allrepparttar 124034 input we receive as kids is negative ("don't do this", "that is bad"). Remembering that a child is like a sponge and he or she receives and believes anything that is said to him or her, there's little wonder why we end up in a society of people who's belief systems are made up of "I am not good enough", "I don't deserve", "I'll fuck it up", etc...

So, what to do? How about balancing some ofrepparttar 124035 negative information, with something positive? How about utilizing positive affirmations? I know that for many, affirmations work, whilst others just get bored with them. There is a way however, to use them with powerful results, as long as we employrepparttar 124036 power of our feelings.

But before jumping to our feelings, we need to remember a few basics: 1. Repeatrepparttar 124037 thought over and over again. You have spent years filling up your fridge with garbage. Do you really expect that a few days of positive affirmations would balance it out? 2. Use present tense. "I will earn a million next year" doesn't work. Tomorrow never comes. 3. Use positive terms. "I quit overeating" putsrepparttar 124038 weight onrepparttar 124039 overeating. Make it instead: "I eat only what my body needs"

FEELINGS It has been said: "Thoughts create and feelings bring alive." It is as if your thoughts arerepparttar 124040 plan on paper and your feelings bring it into 3-dimensional reality. If you really want something in your life, let your excitement be there. Tellrepparttar 124041 world. You deserve it.

Fear isrepparttar 124042 same energy as excitement. If you lean away from something, you get fear. If you lean towards it, you get excitement.

If you stand in front of your mirror every morning whispering shyly to yourself "I am beautiful, loveable, successful human being" it might take forever until you believe it. Instead, sing it loudly to yourself or shout it while drivingrepparttar 124043 car (making sure that your windows are closed)

A Goal Without A Schedule is Just a Dream

Written by Barrett Niehus

A Goal Without A Schedule is Just a Dream

By Barrett Niehus

There are many books, publications, speakers, and motivators that make money preachingrepparttar steps to success. Some are right onrepparttar 124027 mark, others have so little logic that they nearly exist on an ethereal plane. However, almost all resources that teach success, focus onrepparttar 124028 importance of setting goals. Even more importantly, they focus onrepparttar 124029 steps necessary to achieve a goal. From landing onrepparttar 124030 moon to runningrepparttar 124031 four minute mile. All started out as goals, and foundrepparttar 124032 resources and schedules necessary to achieve success.

When setting a goal, it is important to realize thatrepparttar 124033 goal must be achievable and quantifiable. Merely stating that you want to lose weight is not a goal. It must be quantifiable and have a date associated with it. The goal, "I will lose ten pounds by May eleventh" would be an example of an appropriate, quantifiable, and achievable goal.

The reason thatrepparttar 124034 quantity and time are necessary are to solidify repparttar 124035 schedule and steps necessary to achieverepparttar 124036 goal inrepparttar 124037 time allotted. If you say you will lose weight, but do not set a date, then you may remainrepparttar 124038 same weight for years without any progress. By settingrepparttar 124039 date, you at least imply that there is a schedule, and a number of steps necessary to achieve your final goal.

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