Manifest Your Dreams

Written by Jason Johns

For each of us,repparttar universe is different. A homeless man may viewrepparttar 122145 universe as unfair, hard and tough. A rich man may viewrepparttar 122146 universe as a lovely place full of luxury and pleasure. Both of them are viewingrepparttar 122147 same universe, it is just different because of their perceptions of it and their life experiences.

This is a fundamental key to understanding, to know that how you perceiverepparttar 122148 universe is how it is to you. If you feel it is full of fear and hatred, then it will be. If you think it is full of love and happiness, it is. Using some ofrepparttar 122149 techniques discussed in this, and other articles, you can start to reprogramrepparttar 122150 way you perceiverepparttar 122151 universe and change your life!

Think about how many times you have feared something happening and then it has. For example, you might be worried that you are going to bump your car, and then you do. Was it a premonition or did you create it? Compare this torepparttar 122152 amount of times you have looked forward to something and then it has happened. Usuallyrepparttar 122153 fear is a much stronger emotion and focus, which causesrepparttar 122154 object of that fear/thought to manifest much more quickly.

Of course, thought and belief does not just createrepparttar 122155 universe on an emotional and psychological level, but also on a material level. We may fear that we are not good with money and hence we are not. You can use your will and focus on manifesting items that you want to further your life with. Remember that you can only manifest things you believe you can have. You may wish for a million dollars, but unless you really believe you can have it, you will not get it.

You need to be aware that things are not just going to fall out ofrepparttar 122156 air and land on your lap, though on occasion they may well do so, literally as well as figuratively. It sometimes takes a little while for what you want to manifest to appear. Sometimes it requires faith and patience on your part. It might berepparttar 122157 Universe is testing you to see if you really want it and will really dedicate yourself to getting it before you get it. You cannot sit back and wait for what you want to manifest.

There is a saying "God helps those who help themselves". This is true. When you are manifesting it is essential that you listen to your intuition and follow your instincts. It often also depends on whether what you are trying to manifest is in tune with your life's purpose or not. If it is not then you have an uphill struggle to manifest it. Also, if you manifest for selfish needs and with your ego then it is not likely to work. It works best when you manifest forrepparttar 122158 greater good, selflessly, and from your higher self.

When working on manifesting remember to keep your mind open as to how it is going to appear in your life. For example, many of us may want to manifest more money. We have a mental program that says, "more money means I have to work more". This is not necessarily true. You might manifest more money from a promotion, a raise at work, a change of job or career, from a competition win, an inheritance, and many other ways. You need to be open to this because if you mentally limitrepparttar 122159 waysrepparttar 122160 Universe can provide to you then it is going to be much harder for what you want to come into your life. Listen to your intuition too because it will help guide you. You might getrepparttar 122161 urge to buy a newspaper suddenly. You buy it and noticerepparttar 122162 exact car you want for sale in it. Our intuition is from our higher self and will guide us if we listen to it.

Games to Play With Tarot Cards

Written by Lisa Lamont

The lighter side of Tarot deals with games played using this deck of uniquely peculiar cards. These range fromrepparttar highly complex to those a four-year-old can play. “Zarcana,” a complicated game encompassing battles, voyages, life, death, love, loss, and more can be played indefinitely – or until one player in a winning position decides to declarerepparttar 122144 game finished. Another game appeals torepparttar 122145 younger set because of its much simpler rules. Each player is dealt a card and whatever image is onrepparttar 122146 card,repparttar 122147 player must enact a semblance. This can be quite humorous and fun for younger children. Imaginerepparttar 122148 delight when a player is dealt The Fool!

There are as many Tarot games as there are Tarot aficionados, and a quick look throughrepparttar 122149 Internet can locate more Tarot games than a person could humanly attempt to play in one lifetime. But this isrepparttar 122150 joy of Tarot – and ofrepparttar 122151 Internet!

As with games, Tarot deck designs runrepparttar 122152 gamut as well. After all, these cards have been around for hundreds of years, and each culture has contributed its own version. Sometimes even individuals have come forth with their own versions ofrepparttar 122153 game, and some of these have become quite popular. The Waite-Smith Tarot version (also known as “Rider-Waite”) ofrepparttar 122154 cards, created duringrepparttar 122155 early part ofrepparttar 122156 20th century, has become probablyrepparttar 122157 most popular design used today. Along with Waite-Smith, some ofrepparttar 122158 better-known and still-used Tarot versions includerepparttar 122159 Visconti-Sforza,repparttar 122160 Marseille, andrepparttar 122161 Minchiate. These latter decks often feature elaborate artwork without a great deal of occult imagery and, depending on personal tastes, can sometimes be construed as masterpieces of Renaissance design.

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