Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 7

Written by Roy Thomsitt

Your Home Business Management- Conclusion

Inrepparttar previous articles, I've mentioned some ofrepparttar 149480 key elements of managing your online business when you are working at home: finance, marketing, time, purchasing and computing, plus of courserepparttar 149481 need to manage yourself. This series has been aboutrepparttar 149482 need to manage your business, even if you do work at home alone, rather than just let it drift withrepparttar 149483 flow ofrepparttar 149484 days, weeks, months and years.

For this last part inrepparttar 149485 series, I will partially recap, but also add in a few more suggestions that may help you deal withrepparttar 149486 transition from employee to “own business manager”. Of course, this is a subject I could write a book about, so this short series has been merely an introduction, to get you thinking about your business in a slightly different light torepparttar 149487 way you might have done. I hoperepparttar 149488 following points may assist in that process:

• Always be patient and do not expect instant results. The business world is not like that. Maybe overrepparttar 149489 years you will have one or two lucky breaks, but do not expect them soon.

• Take a long term view ofrepparttar 149490 business fromrepparttar 149491 outset. This may be your one opportunity to do things right and make a decent income withrepparttar 149492 freedom of working from home. Set yourself a target for 5 years’ time, thenrepparttar 149493 stepping stones to that target will emerge, one year at a time. Looking ahead 5 years you can set your targets high without being unrealistic.

• Always remember thatrepparttar 149494 knowledge you are acquirin g will be a growing asset. All of a sudden you may find others viewing you as something of an expert, and you will realise you have knowledge that is valuable, not only to you but to others.

• A piece of knowledge is like a building block. Add these building blocks you are making one at a time. Remember, if you try to put a roof on a building beforerepparttar 149495 walls are in place, it won’t be much of a building. Be patient in placing one block at a time, and there’s a good chance you will stand proudly in front of this building in awe and think: “wow, I did that!” Andrepparttar 149496 roof will be snugly in place.

• Spread your learning across all parts ofrepparttar 149497 business, especially those you don’t like. Never forget, every part of your business is inter-related. You need to be able to piece them together and bind them strongly.

• You will make mistakes, so do not expect otherwise. Marketing in particular will require risk and experiment. Before diving in and inflating your expectations, find out what others are experiencing from what you are wanting to try. Then there will be fewer disappointments and unpleasant surprises.

Why Boat Insurance Doesn't Help A Lousy Sailor

Written by John Edwardson

For thousands of years men have sailedrepparttar seas. Fromrepparttar 149479 earliest trips byrepparttar 149480 discoverers and settlers ofrepparttar 149481 Americas, Australia andrepparttar 149482 Pacific Islands, through Odysseus' voyage to Troy and beyond torepparttar 149483 time of Swashbucklers inrepparttar 149484 Caribbean mankind has made exciting voyages torepparttar 149485 far corners ofrepparttar 149486 world.

In those early days hard cold steel and brass protectedrepparttar 149487 men and their ships. Today we have boat insurance, GPS systems, sonar and underwater charts.

While boat insurance is not as glamorous as a fancy cutlass nor as exciting as a cannon it does offerrepparttar 149488 boat owner something that allrepparttar 149489 cutlasses and cannons cannot. It can replace your ship if you lose it. Inrepparttar 149490 wild and wooly days of wooden ships and iron men you usually needed one ship to steal another.

Why not just sail away or blast somebody to flinders if they are trying to steal your boat?

I must make a confession; I make a terrible sailor. I am one of those people that Dramamine was invented for. I get seasick watching a pirate movie or riding a Washington State Ferry, that is hardly a rough ride at sea.

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