Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 5

Written by Roy Thomsitt

In this series of articles so far, I have arguedrepparttar need to use management practices even if you have your own home based online business. The discipline imposed on yourself will eventually makerepparttar 148741 business stronger and more profitable. I have touched uponrepparttar 148742 need for good financial and marketing management inrepparttar 148743 last two articles, and will now discuss another area of management that affects all others: Time Management.

To anybody working in an office or factory, time management may well be something they hope to escape from by having their own business. A highly pressured executive may well feelrepparttar 148744 same. They could work at home, where they’rerepparttar 148745 boss, and they decide what to do and when. They could watch tv when they want, sit up in bed with their laptops, or without, and numerous other symbols of freedom from being an employee.

Of course, these things are all possible when you work from home. Of all types of home business, though, working online is probablyrepparttar 148746 most difficult to manage from a time point of view. Perhaps difficult isrepparttar 148747 wrong word. It’s actually easy. What is difficult isrepparttar 148748 high level of potential online distraction and having to resist it. Addrepparttar 148749 online distractions to those around you at home, and you haverepparttar 148750 ingredients for an awful lot of wasted time.

What Are All These Distractions?

There are many potential distractions online. Millions of them when you consider there are millions of websites, and millions of advertisements advertising those websites in often exaggerated, but tempting, ways. If you are trying to get traffic to your own website by surfing for advertising credits, you are particularly vulnerable to distraction, as you may spend a large part of your day being bombarded by advertising. Once you are drawn off into one tempting website, it can lead to others, then others and so on.

The same can be true of your email inbox. You may be signed up to various newsletters and ezines, you may be spammed, you may belong to safelists that require you to receiverepparttar 148751 owner’s emails. All or some may cause a distraction from your day’s business activity. You may reachrepparttar 148752 end ofrepparttar 148753 day and suddenly realize: “Hey, I’ve achieved nothing today.” That can be a demoralizing feeling.

Offline there are many distractions too: you may have children around, your partner may want your company, you may want to laze inrepparttar 148754 garden asrepparttar 148755 sun’s come out forrepparttar 148756 first time in days. There are endless possibilities, depending on your own circumstances, interests and weaknesses. You need to be very much aware of what your own distractions are, and then manage them according to your business, domestic and personal priorities.

How Do You Manage Your Time?

However you manage your time,repparttar 148757 first part ofrepparttar 148758 process should be to:

• Decide whatrepparttar 148759 essential elements are for developing and growing your business, steadily and profitably.

• Consider your domestic and personal situation. Now you have your own home business, you have a chance to build into your daily routine activities that will enhance your own happiness and that of your family. This is a great opportunity. Makerepparttar 148760 most of it.

• Take some quiet time and reflect onrepparttar 148761 first two items. Let them meld together in your mind and visualize how they can be brought together to make your perfect day/s.

Whateverrepparttar 148762 outcome ofrepparttar 148763 above three steps,repparttar 148764 result is not set in stone. You can change and adapt according to experience, but for now use this as an exercise in getting into a time management frame of mind.

Going public: The process for small and mid-size companies to go public.

Written by Joseph Quinones

Going public: The process for small and mid Size companies to go public.

It’srepparttar dream of every person who starts a business to some day see it trading in one ofrepparttar 148740 stock exchanges even after they are no longer associated withrepparttar 148741 company. The first step (#1) is simple since most small company are already incorporated and have a board of directors, so we will start with #2.

Step. #2. Engage a consultant but not before doing a background check. This is a must becauserepparttar 148742 consultant who is supposed to be working for you may berepparttar 148743 very person to destroy your dream.

Simply typerepparttar 148744 consultants name in Google and if nothing comes up, tryrepparttar 148745 brokerage firm they were last associated with, to find out if they have been disciplined, or convicted of some crime byrepparttar 148746 Securities and Exchange Commission or some other regulatory body.

Many individuals when barred from participating in any securities transaction or from acting as consultants still do so in a stealth manner. Hoping that you will be impressed with their sales pitch and not bother looking into their background.

The reason most consultants do not have websites is because they do not wantrepparttar 148747 regulators to find out that they are involved in stock market related activities.

Step. #3. If you are not using a securities attorney, askrepparttar 148748 consultant to recommend a good one, he will probably know several. A good attorney is critical since you want him to knowrepparttar 148749 process and has done this many times before.

Step. # 4. Have an audit done, this a requirement and must be done prior to any filing withrepparttar 148750 Securities and Exchange Commission. The CEO needs to take an active part inrepparttar 148751 auditing process since underrepparttar 148752 new corporate governance lawsrepparttar 148753 he must affirmedrepparttar 148754 final audited financials as being accurate.

Step. #5. The officers and directors ofrepparttar 148755 company must decide what method they are going to use to achieve their goal of becoming a public company. This can be accomplish through a reverse merger and by doing a Regulation D (504) offering.

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