Managing Your Downline

Written by Cas Amato

So, you've joined that great money making scheme, and you've even got a few members in your downline. So, now what? How do you keep your sign-ups interested and working for you? And, yes, I DO mean working for you. When you start out on a program, you are effectively becomingrepparttar MD of your own organisation, and all of those below you need your motivation, guidance and assistance if they are to make money for themselves and, in turn, make money for you.

The biggest mistake you can probably make is to think that once you've got your sign-up,repparttar 122585 hard work is over. You've got your sign-up and you've made a couple of dollars, so why worry? Well, as any experienced marketer will tell you, a sign-up commission is fine, butrepparttar 122586 real bucks are made when your sign-ups start signing up, andrepparttar 122587 residual bonuses start pouring in. Therefore, when you've recruited someone into your program,repparttar 122588 work has only just begun.

One ofrepparttar 122589 biggest problems you will find is that people join your scheme, and then do nothing. It is surprising, but as much as 90% of your downline will probably remain inactive. So, why do these people join? Well, there can be many reasons. Some people join programs out of curiosity, some to getrepparttar 122590 freebies that were on offer, whilst others just don't know what they're doing!

It's up to you, therefore, to motivate your recruits into action. Now, this is not necessarily as difficult as it may seem, provided that you rememberrepparttar 122591 3 golden rules:

1. Communication. 2. Communication. 3. Communication.

There is nothing worse than joining a new program and being left to it with no advice or help from anyone. So, it is important to start off onrepparttar 122592 right footing, by communicating with your new program member fromrepparttar 122593 outset - and keep it going. Here are 5 ways that you can achieve this.

The Awesome Power Of Viral Marketing

Written by John Colanzi

I'm sure you know aboutrepparttar value of viral marketing.

I thought I did too.

I knew it, but I never really understoodrepparttar 122584 true power of viral marketing.

It's awesome.

I remember when I was growing up along a canal. We'd go out byrepparttar 122585 water and throw stones. Asrepparttar 122586 stone would hitrepparttar 122587 water it would cause a ripple to go from one bank torepparttar 122588 next.

Viral marketing is similar to that. Every time you send out an article, ebook or piece of software a ripple effect begins.

Your name and links begin to spread acrossrepparttar 122589 net and acrossrepparttar 122590 globe.

What makes this so awesome?

There is no bank onrepparttar 122591 other side to stop your message from spreading.

Every time you set a viral product into action,repparttar 122592 effect multiplies. It's incredible,repparttar 122593 effect is cumulative.

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