Managing Monsters in Meetings - Part 3, Drifting From the Topic

Written by Steve Kaye

Although new ideas lead to creative solutions, they can be a challenge when they interrupt or distractrepparttar work on an issue.

Approach 1: Questionrepparttar 135553 relationship to topic

When new ideas seem inappropriate, say:

"That's an interesting point (or question). And how does it relate to our topic?"

"Excuse me. We started talking about our budget and now we seem to be discussing payroll administration. Is this what we want to work on?"

"We seem to be working on a new issue. I'm sure this is important, and I wonder what you want to work on withrepparttar 135554 time we have left?"

These statements greetrepparttar 135555 ideas with compliments and requests for clarification. This recognizes thatrepparttar 135556 other person could believerepparttar 135557 idea relates torepparttar 135558 topic, which it may.

Approach 2: Place inrepparttar 135559 Idea Bin

Use an Idea Bin to manage unrelated ideas. This powerful tool is a blank chart page posted onrepparttar 135560 wall withrepparttar 135561 title: Idea Bin. Some groups call it an Issue Bin or Parking Lot. The scribe writes new ideas on this chart page orrepparttar 135562 participants write their ideas on Post-it() Notes that they place onrepparttar 135563 page.

How to find and realise your life purpose

Written by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Do you have a life purpose? Are you aware of your goals and dreams and do you know how to achieve them?

A life purpose is like a light that helps you to focus your energy towards a distant goal and to overcome hindrances and blockages onrepparttar way.

A life purpose may be like a key word that runs like a red thread through many of your experiences.

In my seminars I found out, that many people could put their life under such a motto. For some is it love, for other trust, justice, hope, fairness, openness, wisdom, luck, wealth, fulfillment, integrity, truth, creativity, beauty, humanness, harmony, health or freedom.

What isrepparttar 135552 motto of your life or your present phase of life? Could you name it without having to think about it?

If not, I suggest a little exercise, that you can use for free if you click onrepparttar 135553 link atrepparttar 135554 end. It's part of a free course of how to find your vision and live your life's purpose.

Writing down your life purpose is like a commitment to yourself to reach your goals. A goal focuses your energy and directs it. A goal allows you to overcome difficult situations.

In working with life purposes I userepparttar 135555 technique of setting goals that are clear images of a desired result:

* Clear means that you recognise it when it happens. * Image means that you engagerepparttar 135556 right side of your brain to visualise a mental image that serves as a blueprint out of which your future will unfold. * Desired means that you would acceptrepparttar 135557 result if you could have it, and * Result means that you focus on a final motive and not a process.

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