Managing Cravings with EFT

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

There are several ways to manage cravings. You can:

Attempt to stop eatingrepparttar food you crave entirely (out of sight out of mind). Modify your eating habits around a particular food, i.e. cut back onrepparttar 131473 quantity or how often you indulge. Use EFT to endrepparttar 131474 attachment you have to this particular food.

1. Stop Eatingrepparttar 131475 Food you Crave Eliminatingrepparttar 131476 offending food entirely is rarely successful. We can only limit ourselves for so long before we go crazy, eating everything in sight to make up forrepparttar 131477 deprivation. This also introduces deprivation and control issues, which many have trouble with leftover from childhood. Would it be better to learn to enjoy your favorites without losing control around them?

2. Modify your Eating Habits Modifying your behavior can be successful, but it can also be difficult because even though we want to change, it seems that despite our best efforts, we still find ourselves cravingrepparttar 131478 same things, day after day. It isrepparttar 131479 "how" that stops us. How can we change a behavior that is a habitual response? How can we stop doing what we don't want to do? There are literally thousands of diet and weight loss books and most offer nothing more useful thanrepparttar 131480 "eat less, exercise more" advice. If it were simply a matter of doing what we know we should do, there would be no obesity epidemic, but it's not that simple. We need to know HOW.

3. Use EFT to endrepparttar 131481 Attachment to a Particular Food EFT is often helpful to diminish or demolishrepparttar 131482 cravings. It can be your HOW. How to change habits that you want to be rid of, how to create new, better habits, that support what you want, instead of what you don't. EFT is simple to learn, and effective.

If you don't yet know how to do EFT, read this brief explanation, then download and printrepparttar 131483 worksheets, instructions and reminders all in one convenient PDF packet.

4. Stop Talking Yourself Into It

You've said you are going to stop nighttime snacking, and thenrepparttar 131484 voices start, "I've been good all day, I deserve a treat, just one won't hurt..." You're basically talking yourself into it, and then you're off and running torepparttar 131485 kitchen. Most of us find that once we say yes to that voice, there's no holding ourselves back.

As soon as you realize you are doingrepparttar 131486 "talk myself into it" routine, start using EFT immediately. Catching yourself inrepparttar 131487 act is difficult at first, but if you keep an open mind, you will start to notice. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can instantly perform an EFT procedure on yourself, and get quick results. You don't need to wait until later, untilrepparttar 131488 atmosphere is just right, or until you are alone or somewhere you can relax. You can do it while driving, you can do it in a crowd standing onrepparttar 131489 corner.

Examples of EFT for Ending Cravings

The first round you might noticerepparttar 131490 craving is somewhat reduced (or it could disappear entirely), but it will likely be lessened. Once you have done one round, re-rate your desire forrepparttar 131491 food, and if it is still high (more than a six), do another round of EFT right then:

Weight Loss: Are You a Human Garbage Can?

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

What to Do withrepparttar Leftovers?

Okay, tell me if you've ever done this: It's Monday late afternoon. You decided yesterday that starting today you were going to 1) eat right, and 2) start to get regular exercise, and 3) give up all your bad habits. So, you're picking things up aroundrepparttar 131471 house and starting to notice allrepparttar 131472 little bits and pieces of leftovers fromrepparttar 131473 past weekend. Namely, cookies here, and small bits of candy there. In my house today I noticed I had three large shortbread cookies (I'm overly fond of shortbread cookies with icing), several bags ofrepparttar 131474 candy that resemble real rocks which I keep saying I want to put in a jar, but I haven't found justrepparttar 131475 right jar (for display, you know), andrepparttar 131476 leftovers fromrepparttar 131477 latest summer picnic, which in my case is about five pounds of fruit salad - not bad in itself, but I can only eat so much fruit salad.

And Then There'srepparttar 131478 Wine

Of course, I had to buy some wine at a tasting on Saturday (I always buy it, don't know why I think those wine tasting's are such a great deal - they always entice me to buy), and now there's an open bottle waiting.

So, my thoughts are, "Do I eat this, or not?" "Do I throw it away and WASTE it?" "Oh, my, dear no. That's not a good idea," I think. Oh, I just remembered there is also an entire plate of large cinnamon rolls (Cinnabon style) I made Friday night. They'll be stale soon. That's not good. It'd be such a shame to throw them all away, and I only ate one.

And so it goes. Do I talk myself into eating uprepparttar 131479 last remnants ofrepparttar 131480 weekend, thus going into Tuesday and possibly Wednesday withrepparttar 131481 taste of weekend indulgence still on my lips, or do I decide, really decide, I've had enough? It's time to eat better, like I just said, last night. Remember last night? It seems so long ago now ...

What if We Just Start Tomorrow?

It's interesting how easily we talk ourselves right out of what we had decided yesterday was such a good idea. So what's wrong with just starting tomorrow? What's wrong is that tomorrow never comes. It's always today, right now. You'll never reach that elusive tomorrow. Yes,repparttar 131482 date onrepparttar 131483 calendar changes, but you, standing where you are, right here, right now, are still here, inrepparttar 131484 present. You can't live inrepparttar 131485 past, nor can you live inrepparttar 131486 future. You can only live inrepparttar 131487 moment.

Decide Right Now: What Do you Want?

So if you want to decide, then decide right now. What do you want, really want for yourself? Do you want to continue to indulge yourself at every turn, or do you want to exercise just a bit more discipline and see if you can get into better shape? It's not about what you'll miss out on, it's about what you will gain. Better health, more energy, endurance. You'll feel better, you'll look better. It's all about what you'll gain, but inrepparttar 131488 immediate moment, it's so easy to think only of right now. Yes, but right now this would taste so good, wouldn't it, and there's always tomorrow.

I've found that when I make a mental shift, a real shift, not just a decision but a true change in my thinking, then I follow through, and not until then. Allrepparttar 131489 times I try to talk myself into doing things that I don't really want to do, are not successful. Probably they're not successful because I don't really want to do them.

How do you get yourself motivated and stay that way? I start with a list. List allrepparttar 131490 reasons you want to lose some weight. Think in terms of a mini goal of five or 10 pounds. Make it a one month goal, not a lifetime goal. It's fine to have long-term goals, but if you really want to learn to change for good, then you need to make it something you can live with. Incorporate real change into your lifestyle and you can indulge at a holiday party without it making any difference; without it throwing you offrepparttar 131491 deep end. When you go on vacation you'll come back maybe a couple pounds heavier, but it won't matter. You'll have eaten what you wanted, you'll have had a wonderful time, and not stressed yourself over whether you're gaining weight.

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