Man needs to stand upside down sometimes to see things better

Written by Khalid Osman

An Issue From: "Thoughts Generation"

The place ofrepparttar current thought: Eritrea (onrepparttar 126048 upper eastern part ofrepparttar 126049 Horn of Africa).Onrepparttar 126050 main street inrepparttar 126051 capital city of Asmara.

The time: Just three years after Eritrea independence from Ethiopia on 1991. The independence was acheived through an armed struggle lasted for 30 years.

The occation: As a journalist working 30 years on this field,10 of them in Eritrea alone,I used to gatherrepparttar 126052 topics for my job fromrepparttar 126053 streets,the people,the Europian weather those days,the smelling ofrepparttar 126054 national feelings andrepparttar 126055 experience of a revolutionary front changed cloths,cars and of course seats and secretaries.

The scene: An old field fighter,used to leave his camp atrepparttar 126056 morning to wander acrossrepparttar 126057 Independent Street.He crossed towardsrepparttar 126058 same place ousiderepparttar 126059 Cathedral where he used to stand upside down for a while several times a day. His hands onrepparttar 126060 earth and his feet onrepparttar 126061 Cathedral`s wall he seemed to be more happy than when he faced this picture standing on his feet.He looked deeply atrepparttar 126062 people,the buildings,the cars and whatever or whoever there passed by.He changed this position,each time he got satisfied.The last time he got satisfied was just half an hour afterrepparttar 126063 sun set.He stood up and walked his head waved left and right.

There was a deep sorrow and regret on his eyes.

He had his last attitude every day,before his daily 4 doubles congnac.He left his last joke onrepparttar 126064 audients`ears inrepparttar 126065 last bar on his way to his camp.

The deep sorrow and regret on his eyes fastened his steps onrepparttar 126066 road.

Psycho Analysis: Some people thought that he was mad.My friends thought that too.Even some of my friendsrepparttar 126067 fighters andrepparttar 126068 veterans thoughtrepparttar 126069 same way. I was not.I never thought that he was a psychopathic.

I am so convinced thatrepparttar 126070 up-side-down veteran is pretty sane,more than me and my various friends without prejudice.

The up-side-down veteran worked outrepparttar 126071 comming deterioration his own way.He declared his silent point of view his own way.Things seemed to him as not normal at all.The events seemed to that standard pretty bad than his expectations.The blood of about sixty thousands of his comradesrepparttar 126072 martyres, seemed as run to waste.The beutiful picture ofrepparttar 126073 independence he dreamt about during his hard long struggle was changed into something false.Humans seemed to him as walking on their heads.Builings and trees as standingrepparttar 126074 opposite way. Every thing was not standing, walking or sitting right.That`s exactly what he was viewing actually.So he had strong desire as to see thingsrepparttar 126075 right way they are.

Collins Powell`s "James Bond"

Written by Arthur Zulu

"He hidrepparttar weapons of mass destruction in all sorts of odd places. But we saw him hide it. We took photographs. We recorded discussions. We saw his links with terrorists. It isrepparttar 126047 most evil empire on earth right now. And he must be stopped!"

This story-teller is not some fiction writer. Or some movie star from Hollywood,repparttar 126048 entertainment capital ofrepparttar 126049 world. Andrepparttar 126050 scene is far removed from Frankenstein territory. But this story-teller is a former war general turned American Secretary of State named Collins Powell. The scene isrepparttar 126051 floor ofrepparttar 126052 great United Nations, which some folks who have a bad sense of humor call Talking Nations. The major character ofrepparttar 126053 story is Saddam Hussein. Andrepparttar 126054 devilish empire is Iraq.

The high point ofrepparttar 126055 JAMES BOND story is notrepparttar 126056 satellite photographs (after all where arerepparttar 126057 weapons?) nor is itrepparttar 126058 Al Qaeda connection (after all if you are not with us you are against us - by George Bush). Butrepparttar 126059 most interesting point ofrepparttar 126060 over one-hour speech atrepparttar 126061 Talking Nations, sorry United Nations, isrepparttar 126062 voice recording. For these "devils" in Iraq were actually saying "hide it, hide it, hide it" in reference torepparttar 126063 weapons of mass destruction, sorry wepunmassdistrucshun. I actually likerepparttar 126064 literary effect (The Arabic version is musical torepparttar 126065 ears).

And afterrepparttar 126066 great "revelation," war mongers went to town. They said that it has been proved that Iraq is actually a threat to world peace. What do they call a proven theory in Latin? Quod erat Demonstradum. Yes,repparttar 126067 theory has been demonstrated that if Iraq is not disarmed right now, that "madman" directing events in that country will cause historians issuing titles like THE END OF ORDER. Or THE END OF HISTORY. Or THE END OF THE WORLD. What a pity! And these war mongers rolled out Ukulelerepparttar 126068 drum, and serenadedrepparttar 126069 movie star, Collins Powell.

Butrepparttar 126070 pacifists were not impressed. First in that number wasrepparttar 126071 Inspection Team in Iraq who thought they would have been handed these evidences ab initio, instead of making it a public show. (Forget them for they know notrepparttar 126072 rules of script writing.) Then Iraqi officials called it a cock-and-bull story. (Make it a cattle-and-ram story.) France and Germany say no to war. (Americans call themrepparttar 126073 old Europe) And even Russia is not impressed. Is it because they have their hands on Iraqi oil? (Never mind anyway. That Powerless country is part of "pieces of eight")

Before then, Africa's Nelson Mandela, was up in arms against George Bush Jnr. and Tony Blair. He called Bush an arrogant man intent in plungingrepparttar 126074 world into a holocaust, calling Blair George Bush's foreign minister .He even says that Bush wants to renderrepparttar 126075 UN irrelevant because an African -Koffi Annan - not a Whiteman, is Secretary-General.

But some wonder why Mandela said so. Is it that old age is telling on him? And he is forgetting things as if he crossedrepparttar 126076 River Lethe. Or drank Mandragora. Does he not know that Tony Blair, Britain's Prime Minister cannot be a foreign minister torepparttar 126077 president of another sovereign country? And it pained not a few Africans that this their illustrious son has forgotten elementary government.

Regarding his anti war stance, some point to his guerilla war against white South Africa. After all, his "terrorism" paid off because South Africa is now free of violence, anarchists, and rapists. And Bush and Blair want to makerepparttar 126078 earth a paradise-- free of devils-- by declaring war on dangerous Iraq. Forget Nelson Mandela. When last did a black man say useful things?

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