Malthus and Synarchy

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

There are many ways to characterize economic theory and its major influence Synarchy orrepparttar landed class. We read aboutrepparttar 132226 Equestrian class in Rome andrepparttar 132227 farmers or Bauers who becamerepparttar 132228 De Medicis and laterrepparttar 132229 Rothschilds. All of them seem to make a good case for Physiocratic laissez-faire policies that allowrepparttar 132230 landed class or Divine Kings to continue to rape and pillage rather than create wealth and co-operation. I liken it torepparttar 132231 Toilet Philosophy ofrepparttar 132232 over-arching paradigm they foment forrepparttar 132233 plebes to consume and I call itrepparttar 132234 One Pie theory. Malthus certainly was a ‘dismal economist’ and he is part of something far more intrinsic in our society founded on Platonic hierarchy. Here are some more in depth thoughts from a far larger article inrepparttar 132235 American Journal of Economics that I think most people should study.

“The population debate is essentially a struggle between "reactionary" and "radical" social thought. No one has had

Embracing Death through Celebrity Lives: Johnny Carson

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

In lieu ofrepparttar recent passing of Television great Johnny Carson, we,repparttar 132225 Gen-Xers,repparttar 132226 BabyBoomers, andrepparttar 132227 older generation are vividly being slapped into a dramatic reality-check. It's not alone that we grew up withrepparttar 132228 late-night superstar, but it is alsorepparttar 132229 fact that he inadvertantly shaped our exaggerated perception of immortality.

An icon torepparttar 132230 masses for over three decades, Carson definedrepparttar 132231 way we viewedrepparttar 132232 world around us through comical antics. His diverse guests ranged from Cher, to David Lee Roth, Roseanne Barr, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens). As we matured, The Tonight Show host shared satirical wisdom about politics, family and life in general.

Whether he played host to monkeys and leaopards, or superstar celebrities; Johnny Carson entered our living rooms and dens each night with a larger-than-life improvisation ofrepparttar 132233 humanistic character. Not all of us were avid fans of Carson, but most of us held great respect for a man with such candor and sincerity inrepparttar 132234 public eye.

When he leftrepparttar 132235 Tonight Show in 1991, people everywhere were stunned by his retirement. But like so many of us, he wanted to leave a lasting impression that would virtually immortalize his existence - and that, he did. Without a whimper, without a bang, Johnny Carson leftrepparttar 132236 stage quietly and was seldom seen or heard again. Our final, visual impression of him was that of an mature, but healthy, witty gentleman. We forgot about his human, or mortal side. We didn't remember his notorious marriages, and we certainly didn't personally knowrepparttar 132237 'man' - Johnny Carson. We knew him for that 1/2-1 hour show each night as he so graciously beseeched us with his bravado. As personal friends now (who knew Mr. Carson) retell stories of his utter shyness, Mr. Carson was as human as we come.

Suddenly, without a glimpse of his real, personal life,repparttar 132238 TV legend has been shockingly stripped from our lives. Yes, we can watch his eternally-capsulated shows on DVD, or VHS but now it's distinctly 'different.' Our own human minds have created an illusion of eternal life. By virtue of example of Mr. Johnny Carson, we've unintentionally led ourselves to believe that man can be an immortal, physical species.

And it is when those thoughts or ideas are quickly placed back into perspective, that we realize physical immortality is notrepparttar 132239 case at all. It wasn't that stars like Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and many others like them did this to us on purpose - in fact, it is our own thinking that deceives us so willingly. Because we live in a technological age,repparttar 132240 media has composed an elaborate scene of false perceptions. In doing so, we see our public figures day in and day out - whether it be television news, films, radio, orrepparttar 132241 like - their presence is always there.

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