Making the Most of Your Gold Nuggets

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

There is a Growth Formula I have used in Coaching that has really made some huge shifts Inrepparttar lives of those who apply it. Very simply, it is: Insight + Action = Growth and Development After practicing a while, I learned that a minor Shift of this formula made a significant impact. Here isrepparttar 123991 change: Insight (Gold Nugget) + Passionate Action = Exponential Growth and Development. Action can either be Passionate Action (which is deliberate, purposeful, intentional based in moving towardsrepparttar 123992 possibilities) or it can be Frenetic Action (which is usually based in a fear or scarcity or lack: poverty consciousness. It is about running away from something or avoiding something).

Don't Quit Yet... It Gets Easier!

Written by John Colanzi

I remember when I first came online. It was such a different world. The big breakthrough when I was in college, were those key punch machines.

Man, this was a whole new world, I was overwhelmed by how much I didn't know. It seemed I would never getrepparttar hang of it.

Luckily I had an offline business to keep me going. You wouldn't believe how many times I felt like throwing inrepparttar 123990 towel.

This was a world for techies, not for a dinosaur like me. HTML and allrepparttar 123991 other terms were a foreign language. The more I studied,repparttar 123992 dumber I felt.

Have you felt like that?

Do you still feel like that?

Well you're not alone. Building an online business is like anything else. It gets easier with practice.

When you first start onrepparttar 123993 ride uprepparttar 123994 hill to financial freedom,repparttar 123995 only thing you see isrepparttar 123996 steep climb ahead.

This is whererepparttar 123997 average person throws up their hands and quits. What a shame.

If you just put in some time and effort your view would change.

Inrepparttar 123998 beginning you're like a little child walking throughrepparttar 123999 woods. Asrepparttar 124000 walk continuesrepparttar 124001 child has trouble keeping up with his father.

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