Making the Grade ... Learning to pass life's tests with ease

Written by Edward B. Toupin

I abhorred tests in college. I always felt unprepared when I took them. However, when I got them back from my professors, I usually made an A. It was funny that I always felt like I lacked what it took to passrepparttar test, yet I always had it. Much like life, it's notrepparttar 101890 task itself, but how you prepare for and undertake that task.

For those courses in which I listened and read, I passedrepparttar 101891 test whether I felt good about it or not. For those courses in which I slept, or put aside and never studied, I usually struggled. Those courses that I passed with ease, I found great interest. Those courses in which I struggled, I disliked and found no interest. This is where I began to realize that, I have to focus my efforts on things that mean something to me. I can't focus on unnecessary exercises simply to say, "I did it" and find that there is no satisfaction inrepparttar 101892 result. However, I can work just as hard toward an objective with meaning andrepparttar 101893 "struggle" would not only be worthrepparttar 101894 effort, butrepparttar 101895 lessons are priceless.

--- Preparing forrepparttar 101896 Test ---

Sometimes everyone feels as though they cannot possibly prepare for what life throws at them. In most circumstances, people are not ready forrepparttar 101897 various challenges. Instead, they decide to simply give up and exist without attempting to tap into their own vast resources. In this way, challenges are kept at bay. However, inrepparttar 101898 process, nothing else in life happens. However,repparttar 101899 preparation is more of a way of learning how to incrementally handle yourself for when you reach your ultimate goal (i.e., takerepparttar 101900 test.) But, keep in mind thatrepparttar 101901 only time that challenges occur is when you're doing something. If you choose to takerepparttar 101902 easy way and simply sit it out, then of course, nothing happens to you because, nothing is happening.

Once you get moving, to prepare for any challenges that life hands out to you, learn to take them as a lesson as opposed to a curse. Consider life asrepparttar 101903 classroom and your ultimate vision asrepparttar 101904 completion of a semester withrepparttar 101905 final exam. To reachrepparttar 101906 end ofrepparttar 101907 semester with high grades, you have to follow a lesson plan, which is your mission that you must execute to reach your vision. Each night of study and planning isrepparttar 101908 execution of your goals to fulfill your mission. As you can see, life can provide a positive outcome with hard work and a plan of attack to reach your vision.

Aim for the Future ... but don't get ulcers waiting for it to happen!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

It is always good to aim for a vision, to pursue a goal, and make your dreams come true. However, there's a difference between chasing your dreams and anticipatingrepparttar outcome ofrepparttar 101889 dreams. The main idea behind dreaming and pursuing your goals is to provide a sense of direction with positive action. One mistake many people make is that, once they define a vision and set goals, they just sit there and wait for something to happen. They wait for what "will" happen instead of enjoying and participating in what "is" happening. To make fulfilling, don't anticipaterepparttar 101890 future ... live inrepparttar 101891 present and work to attain your dreams ofrepparttar 101892 future.

--- It'll be great, when ... ---

When will it be great? Whenrepparttar 101893 great event happens? Whenrepparttar 101894 vision shows itself? The problem is that, when this great expectation comes about, you'll be so frustrated from waiting that you'll miss it. Onrepparttar 101895 other hand, by simply sitting there and waiting,repparttar 101896 event may never happen because you didn't do anything to make it happen. Basically, you were busy waiting instead of busy doing.

One ofrepparttar 101897 big mistakes that people make is that they live in a world that doesn't yet exist. They make lofty goals and have big dreams then they place all of their feelings, emotions, and being into what they "think" it will be like when their dreams come true. In fact,repparttar 101898 dream may never come true, or it will change. Perhaps, you will realize thatrepparttar 101899 dream you were chasing is not what you wanted inrepparttar 101900 first place. However, you'll never know if you just sit there and wait.

As you wait for this spectacular moment to occur, you're missing out on everything that's happening now. You're missing out on life. This is whererepparttar 101901 frustration comes intorepparttar 101902 picture. You know you'll feel different inrepparttar 101903 future, but at this moment, you feel rotten, lost, or disenchanted. Part ofrepparttar 101904 reason is because you're betting on something that may never happen. The other reason is that you're not actively doing anything to achieverepparttar 101905 goals that sit in your future.

--- Aim for it, don't anticipate it! ---

When you feel that your life is not movingrepparttar 101906 way you want it to, you need to reevaluate your life and set a target. This target isrepparttar 101907 vision of where you want to be, or see yourself, inrepparttar 101908 future. Once you know your vision, you have to establish a mission, or a plan of attack, to reach your vision. Your goals are thenrepparttar 101909 steps alongrepparttar 101910 mission andrepparttar 101911 actions that you must execute to performrepparttar 101912 mission successfully.

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