Making sales online is easy, isn't it?

Written by Martin Avis

You've readrepparttar book, seenrepparttar 127278 ads, heardrepparttar 127279 rumors. Making money online is easy, isn't it?

Well yes, it is. Maybe.

There are a lot of people who get seduced byrepparttar 127280 big idea that all they have to do is sign up for an affiliate program, throw up a quick, free website and sit back onrepparttar 127281 beach waiting forrepparttar 127282 cash to flow.

It ain't like that.

Maybe if you have a ton of experience you can automate everything torepparttar 127283 point that you need to do very little. But that isn'trepparttar 127284 road a beginner can tread.

It is said that one in twenty people who set out to make a profit online actually manage to see a return. Most disappear without trace after spending their, often vital, last cent on hosting or ebooks or programs.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

The problem is not withrepparttar 127285 Internet, but with people's attitude towards it.

Two people can buy any ofrepparttar 127286 famous 'guru's' program onrepparttar 127287 same day. One may make a $1000 a month and thinkrepparttar 127288 sun shines fromrepparttar 127289 guru's every word (I cleaned that up). The other may not make a dime and retire believing he was scammed.

Both are wrong and both are right. It isn'trepparttar 127290 program that works, it isrepparttar 127291 operator. Some things just don't work for some people. Maybe their attitude is wrong. Maybe they try to change things. Maybe they truly believe they are followingrepparttar 127292 rules, but actually are bending a few. Whateverrepparttar 127293 reasons, these people won't believe thatrepparttar 127294 problem is with them It must berepparttar 127295 program. They were scammed.

In all of my talking with people who are making money, there are three key traits that they have in common:

1. They truly believe in themselves 2. They are not afraid to change course 3. They don't give up

How To Sell To Customers Again and Again!

Written by Larry Dotson

You're always going to have people that buy once and never purchase again. Once they quit buying, that's lost revenue for your business. To stay in business these days you must persuade your one time purchasers into buying again and again.

First, you must set uprepparttar process to re-contact them after they order. This will remind them that you're still in business, ready and willing to sell to them again. Ask visitors to sign up to your free e-zine, associate program, mailing list, opt-in list, etc.

Now that you haverepparttar 127277 opportunity to re-contact them you must learn their future needs and wants. When you send them any information remind them that you're open to any questions or advice and give them a customer satisfaction survey. This kind of data can be useful to successfully present new offers and products to them.

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