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Written by Bill Quimby

We all put keywords inrepparttar title and thenrepparttar 134818 meta tags, but we often forget or skiprepparttar 134819 next most important place, in a headline


. We know that they are important but we try to design attractive pages and use nice graphics that look better and can't work in a good way to use big headlines reasonably.

Well, I'll let you in on a valuable secret. Big headlines don't actually have to be as big as you might think. There are two parts to this trick. The first is to shrinkrepparttar 134820 size of your big headline by usingrepparttar 134821 font tags insiderepparttar 134822 headline. Don't shrinkrepparttar 134823 entire headline, but put one character (I've been using a period) betweenrepparttar 134824

andrepparttar 134825 and I also only shrink it to 2 instead of 1. That makes it harder for a clever search engine to catch, since I suspect that they may penalize or ignore size 1words.

The code looks like this

.Keywords, Keywords.

You can see how it fits in and looks good on a page at It makes a really nice caption or tag line to a graphic like this and looks important to a search engine. I recommend using as much ofrepparttar 134826 same things you put in your title and meta tags as possible.

You can take this trick one step further by combining it with another clever trick. The

should berepparttar 134827 first words onrepparttar 134828 page, so put them as high up in your code as possible. And if you have more than one screen height in content on a page you can hiderepparttar 134829 headline even further, by pushing it offrepparttar 134830 top ofrepparttar 134831 visitors screen.


Written by Bob McElwain

Say you're at a party. One of those Hollywood extravaganzas. Four hundred people wandering contentedly about a five acre estate complete with mansion, guest houses, and pools.

Joe,repparttar fellow you're talking with, says, "Here's a guy you should meet." As you approach, you noticerepparttar 134817 Gucci shoes and Armani suit right off.

"Hi, Jeffery," Joe says. Asrepparttar 134818 man turns, Joe continues. "Want you to meet Bill Cathers."

The handshake is firm. The smile is gracious and it somehow shows in his eyes. You clearly have his full attention.

Joe has wandered off as you chat. "Have you a card?" Jeffery asks, offering one of his own.

"Sure," you say as you hand him one, taking his.

As if from nowhere, Jeffery tenders a hundred dollar bill. "It's yours for ten bucks," he says with a mischievous grin.

You hesitate, more intrigued than skeptical. Then you fish a ten dollar bill from your wallet and swap it forrepparttar 134819 hundred.

"Got it yet?" Jeffery asks with that grin locked in.

You shake your head, grinning back, wondering why you are doing so.

"I just want to give you a call tomorrow. Deal?"

"Sure," you reply, still grinning, as Jeffery turns away to speak to another man.

Another Case

It's growing darker byrepparttar 134820 minute and you're in a part of town in which you know you shouldn't be. As you hurry downrepparttar 134821 sidewalk, an old man lurches into your path. All you notice of him isrepparttar 134822 ragged, torn and tattered coat that seems about to shred and fall torepparttar 134823 ground. He smells awful. And his eyes don't seek yours.

"Ya can have it for a ten spot," he mumbles, extending a hundred dollar bill.

Without breaking stride you step aroundrepparttar 134824 old man and continue hurriedly downrepparttar 134825 street.

Okay, Image Is Not Everything.

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