Making money from online business

Written by Bright Johnson

Starting a business is easy, but making money from it isrepparttar hardest part. It is not enough for you to start a business, you must make it successful.

If you look at online businesses, you will often see huge acquisition, massive profits, billions of dollars but you will also see big failures. The Internet like any other industry is all about controlling a huge chunk ofrepparttar 147472 market, and that is what makes one super rich—the market leaders makerepparttar 147473 money!

Let’s look atrepparttar 147474 search engine business onrepparttar 147475 Internet. It will surprise you that there are more than 900,000 search engines online. While it might be easy to come on board, getting a huge chunk ofrepparttar 147476 market is difficult and that has reducedrepparttar 147477 number of search engines.

NetApplications compiled data from web sites traffic statistics and found that inrepparttar 147478 search engine business Google isrepparttar 147479 market leader while Yahoo and Microsoft’s are behind. According torepparttar 147480 study, Google, Yahoo, and MSN arerepparttar 147481 market leaders when it comes to search engines.

The market share ending April 2005 looks like this:

Google February 43.06% March 44.51% April 45.85

Yahoo February - 17.02% March - 16.98% April - 15.35

MSN February - 11.52% March - 10.86% April - 10.86

AOL February - 3.27% March - 3.21% April - 3.00%

Dogpile February - 0.85% March - 0.83% April - 0.77%

Ask Jeeves February - 0.91% March - 0.88% April - 0.86%

Alta Vista February - 0.47% March - 0.46% April - 0.41%

Guidelines for Conducting a Good Meeting

Written by Denise OBerry

Copyright 2005 Denise OBerry

Okay, so you've figured out what kind of meeting is needed, you've planned well and you have allrepparttar right materials. How aboutrepparttar 147467 meeting itself? How can you be surerepparttar 147468 meeting you've so carefully planned and prepared actually comes off as expected?

The checklist below can help you throughrepparttar 147469 process.

- Begin on time, clearly statingrepparttar 147470 meeting objective and your intentions to stick to type, time, topic, agenda

- Obtain agreement onrepparttar 147471 agenda items and times for each item

- Agenda changes must be consistent with meeting objective, type, time limits

- Consider having a time keeper, rather than letting topics exceed time limits

- Use action language to assign responsibilities -- What will be accomplished, who will accomplish it, time frames and deliverables (when and how to be accomplished)

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