Making e-Business Your Business

Written by Greg McNeil

If you don't userepparttar Internet in your business today, evenrepparttar 109081 word "e-business" may be a little intimidating. But it doesn't have to be if you take it one step at a time. Here are a few tips that can help in building and promoting your e-business.

·There are many ways to leveragerepparttar 109082 Internet in business, so start with what you do best. For example, if you are known for putting out an excellent newsletter in print, make your first e-business application an online newsletter. Surprisingly enough, in many cases this will also help to increase your overall circulation.

·Building traffic is much easier when you carefully select your target audience. While there are some exceptions to this rule, a focused approach to promotion usually winsrepparttar 109083 traffic war. For example, let's say you run a small hardware store and you want to conduct business overrepparttar 109084 web. If you focus on luringrepparttar 109085 masses to your site using search words such as "hardware" or "do-it-yourself", you will find that you compete with many hardware stores. However, if you focus on providing a specific product line, such as paintbrushes to a very focused target market, your odds of succeeding skyrocket. My Yahoo search on hardware stores turned up 146 hits; wholesale paint suppliers 41 hits; and wholesale paintbrush suppliers just 1 hit. So, you have to ask yourself, do I want to fight for traffic with 146, 41 or 0 other sites?

How To Effectively Develop An Online Storefront And Start Selling MORE Products Online Quickly!

Written by Mike Blacktop

The Internet, for us, is an absolute dream come true.

As my wife Anne and myself are disabled it meant relying onrepparttar Government to provide us with state handouts. This not only left us physically disabled and on a very low income, but severely restricted any chance of being able to secure a steady real-world job.

If fact we had not been able to earn any money for over 10 years. Being stuck in this position, what could we do?

I heard so much aboutrepparttar 109080 Internet that I just HAD to try it out... maybe it could providerepparttar 109081 answer I was looking for? but I found so much marketing hype that I just wasn't sure... How could I start trading online? What could I sell?

Then it hit me.

I Was In The Perfect Position To Turn Anne's Hobby Into A Proven Internet Money Spinner.... Here's How:

Anne had always liked collecting thimbles and withrepparttar 109082 Internet revolution, maybe I could find people of similar interests who would purchase our findings.

Withrepparttar 109083 help of my family, friends and a few online sites, I developed my own Internet storefront, which soon became one ofrepparttar 109084 UK's most popular and widely used collectable products websites. Here's how I did it:

1) I started with PASSION. Being disabled meant that this was my one real chance of ploughing FULL energy into a project... I chose something that was based on a hobby, ensuring I kept 100% motivated at all times.

2) I knew I had to put together a collection of products that people would purchase. I had to find something that I could see a market for... virtually anything can be sold online, but it had to be a market I KNEW or at least could easily research into... I knewrepparttar 109085 "thimble" market inside out, I also knew I could quickly learn about plates, bells, mugs and other collectables, so my sights were set.

3) Now came my Internet presence... forget free sites or unprofessional web space. I got my own domain, hooked up to a credit card processor and set-up an online shopping cart system to handle all orders. It needn't costrepparttar 109086 earth... for less than one hundred dollars, our Internet presence was ready to go live.

Here's my checklist for starting an online store:

* The right products... do you knowrepparttar 109087 market? If not, can you easily associate and learn aboutrepparttar 109088 market?

* Grab your domain name today. You can register them for as little as $6 per year from Then hook it up to a professional web host (for as little as $10 per month).

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