Making a Career of Sharing

Written by Thomas Yoon

After battlingrepparttar sea for nine years, it's time to move on. That's what I told myself when I first stepped ashore to search for a land job. The decision was not made onrepparttar 126387 spur of a moment but after much thought and soul searching.

While I was working aboard ship, many of us talked about working ashore some day. I heard people saying they were quitting and then much later, I would find them on another ship. My conclusion -- many have tried to quit, but very few have succeeded.

Whenever I see older seamen on my ship, I feel a bit of pity for them. I can feel their frustrations. And I know exactly what they will face overrepparttar 126388 coming six to nine months.

They will facerepparttar 126389 rigors ofrepparttar 126390 sea and extreme climatic conditions, such as huge waves, strong winds, icy cold and hot weather,repparttar 126391 boredom and loneliness when nothing much happens, seasickness and insomnia when encountering heavy weather for weeks on end, and of course, missingrepparttar 126392 home andrepparttar 126393 family as well as missing out onrepparttar 126394 many other things that a normal life can offer.

But it's not really a bad life at all if you are still young. It's a life that can offer many exciting experiences and adventures, a lot of traveling, and sightseeing in places that can be far off repparttar 126395 normal tourist routes. It can be a very satisfying experience. I still have fond memories of my experiences while working on board ship.

When I first started sailing, I collected souvenirs from allrepparttar 126396 countries that I visited. After a while, these started collecting dust and I had to get rid of them. Furthermore, I found that some of these souvenirs were actually made in other countries.

That made me decide to take photographs as my souvenirs. I now have almost 3,000 colour slides of my travels.

What can I do with these? Well, some ofrepparttar 126397 images have been accepted by a stock photo agency, but this is just a small portion of my collection.

I was seriously into photography at that time and even bought an expensive SLR camera with a set of interchangeable lenses so that I could take good quality photographs. I even sold a few photographs to some magazines during that time.

When I realised that my photographs were being published to support articles inrepparttar 126398 magazines, I started to take up writing.

After that my articles were published inrepparttar 126399 local newspapers and magazines. But that was a very long time ago when computers were practically unknown.

Even after I quitrepparttar 126400 sea, my experiencees on board ship made a lasting impression on me. I still wanted to explore new places. I was fascinated by computers when they made their debut in 1987. These hadrepparttar 126401 80286 processor, I remember.

A colleague taught me how to userepparttar 126402 Lotus 1-2-3 software and I was delighted with what I could do with it. I was able to created graphs with this WYSIWYG program.

But computers were expensive and not very affordable at that time. I still had to hammer onrepparttar 126403 keys of my trusty portable typewriter to produce any work.

I moved on to other jobs later, but my fascination with computers continued. Being an engineer, I was very much interested in creating engineering piping diagrams. I learned to do AutoCAD drawings that were very much better thanrepparttar 126404 ones I had to do during my college days with pencil, T-square, eraser and paper.

Later on when I was introduced torepparttar 126405 Internet, my interest practically shot right throughrepparttar 126406 ceiling. There was so much information available. At about that time, I decided to build a boat for myself. (It was a dream that I had been keeping in my head since repparttar 126407 time I took up sailing during my college days.) So I began to searchrepparttar 126408 Internet and discovered how other people built boats. The whole project took about three months of research and manual labour.

The result was a custom-built kayak that was carefully crafted for speed, manoeuvrability, portability, and durability. And specially built to suit my weight andrepparttar 126409 length of my legs.

Xml2PDF formatting engine version 2.1 released

Written by Altsoft Xml2PDF

Xml2PDF formatting engine 2.1 November 17, 2004 Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft N.V. is proud to announcerepparttar release of version 2.1 of its Xml2PDF formatting engine.

The update includes: - improved speed and memory management; - improved font embedding and selection; - support for patterns in SVG; - support for XML image embedding based on "RFC2397: URL scheme" in all formats; - advanced HTML conflicts resolution in XHTML; - enhanced UI in client applications;

All editions of Xml2PDF formatting engine, which include Client UI, Command Line, Hotfolder and .NET API, are automatically updated.

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