Making Your Site Sticky...Building Income Through Content

Written by Denise Ryder

Have you ever visited a web site or dealt with a person and all you see is a "hard sell" or a "pitch" being thrown as you? There is nothing to sink your teeth into. Nothing to help you make a good buying decision...there's no CONTENT.

How does it make you feel?

Turned off, maybe a little used because you know all that site wants orrepparttar sales person wants is your money? There isn't that feeling that someone has a vested interest in what you really need. There is no content to help you alongrepparttar 144157 way or give you a few insider tips.

If you don't like it, then what would lead you to believe that YOUR potential customer would react any differently??

Yes, I know you are a good person and that you have onlyrepparttar 144158 best intentions at heart and your program/product or service will help. However, your customer doesn't know you or your intentions.

But instead of "hard selling" if you tookrepparttar 144159 time to help your prospect make a good informed decision and let them get to know those intentions by providing good, quality information, yup providing good CONTENT... that changes things greatly.

Not only just forrepparttar 144160 customer, but it creates a huge win in many ways for your business.

Let's look at four WINs you create when you gorepparttar 144161 route of content vs hard sell.

WIN #1 - Your Customer

Your prospect is looking for information,repparttar 144162 kind of info (content) which will help them make a good informed buying (or participating) decision. Give them that information and your a enabling them to build trust in you and from that trust they are more open and will accept your recommendations.

Gorepparttar 144163 route of a hard sell however and your visitor is turned off and they are off to someone who will give them what they need. Not because their product is any better necessarily, but because they went that step further in giving themrepparttar 144164 information/content they needed to help them.

WIN #2 - Search Engines

Your goal is to get your site listed inrepparttar 144165 top 10 or atrepparttar 144166 very leastrepparttar 144167 20 spots in a search engine. Search engines are in business as well, just like you. They are inrepparttar 144168 business of giving peoplerepparttar 144169 best quality sites based upon their search criteria. They look for content.

Help a search engine and they turn around and of course help you by ranking you. You are concerned about traffic, right? Wellrepparttar 144170 ranking in a search engine can meanrepparttar 144171 difference between getting a good quality visitor and not. You can have 1000s of hits a day, but it isn'trepparttar 144172 quantity that counts, it isrepparttar 144173 quality ofrepparttar 144174 prospect. If you are inrepparttar 144175 ranking where that quality prospect can find you, then you have a quality visitor and someone more apt to buy. However, to get that spot you need content it's a Scratch a Search Engines back and they will Scratch Yours. Giverepparttar 144176 Search Engines QUALITY CONTENT and when their spiders come around to index your get stand to get a good positon.

WIN #3 - Your Affiliate Program / Merchants

This isrepparttar 144177 group that is going to "show yourepparttar 144178 money." Gorepparttar 144179 content route and you are more apt to make a sale. Become a Super Affiliate and that could put you in good standing withrepparttar 144180 program you are affiliated with and could lead to bigger commissions from them.

Breaking Out of The Bubble

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

On-line business is fantastic, I mean when you think about how easy it is to start an eBusiness and how inexpensive it is to get rolling, it isn't surprising to see so many people doing it.

There are some hurdles but if you are open to learning and applying what you read, then of course some of those hurdles won't have such a heavy effect on your business.

The other hurdle of course is getting so wrapped up with what is going on, on-line, that you forget that there is another world besides on-line to consider.

Taking time and working your off-line market does a great many things for you.

Things, like:

1. discovering new markets that can drive your on-line sales in a huge way. Placing ads in your local newspapers and in community newsletters is a great way to gain exposure and hits to your web site. Hits from people who might not necessarily know that you existed otherwise.

2. finding and building alliances with off-line business owners is another way to leverage your marketing efforts. You could find an off-line business owner who compliments your products and services and co-author a newsletter together. You both promoterepparttar newsletter and market to each other's client base.

3. being able to connect with other (real time) business owners through networking. Let's face it we work in a little office all day with little to no real time contact with people. Getting out to network will get us intorepparttar 144156 swing of using off-line marketing tactics. Not only that, it is great to be a part of a group of like minded people who want to share experiences. There is a lot we can learn and apply from that!!

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