Making Your Online Testimonials More Believable

Written by Dan Brown

Here's ten POWERFUL ideas to use as a guide when dealing with testimonials.

1. PICTURES Ask people if they would e-mail a picture with their testimonial. If they don't have one scanned you could have them send their picture by mail and you could scan it. This technique will give your testimonials more credibility.

2. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES Most online testimonials you see have text signatures. You could have people mail their written signature, scan it, and upload it with their testimonial. People will feelrepparttar testimonial is more official.

3. ONLINE AUDIO You could record people's testimonials with a mini tape recorder overrepparttar 140468 phone, on your answering machine, or voice mail. Then you could convertrepparttar 140469 recording into a online audio file and upload it to your web site. You can find more information about converting audio recording's by typing "real audio" at a search engine.

4. POSTCARDS Have people mail you their testimonial on a postcard, scan it and upload it to your web site. This will give people proof thatrepparttar 140470 testimonial isn't fake because it will have a post mark on it.

5. PROFILES Ask people to include a profile of themselves with their testimonial. You could just have them answer some questions like age, occupation, hobbies, favorite quote, etc. This will make your testimonials more entertaining to read.

6. HAND WRITTEN LETTERS This is similar torepparttar 140471 "electronic signature" tip. Scan and uploadrepparttar 140472 entire written testimonial or letter to your web site. This will give your testimonials a feel of realism.

It ALL Starts With A Click

Written by Dan Brown

Here's ten simple yet POWERFUL ideas on raising your "click thru" percentage.

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. You could tell people not to click on your banner ad. For example "Don't Click Here If You Are Comfortable With Your Looks"

2. Make your banner ad words as attractive as possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling, hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight your total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. People are always looking for good deals. You could offer a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get one free discount, etc.

4. Use a testimonial on your banner ad. This'll give people proof they aren't wasting their time clicking on your banner ad. The testimonial should include enough information so they understandrepparttar offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable person on your banner ad representing your product, web site or service. People will click because they'll trust them over you.

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