Making The Most Of Drop Shipping

Written by Murray Hughes

Making The Most Of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping, as I mentioned in Part 2 of this course, is a simple method of selling a product without actually having to ever warehouse, pack or shiprepparttar product yourself.

Drop shipping is unheard of by most people but a great way to make money. There are several marketers I know of making a lot of money with drop shipping, I even know of one guy making over 7 figures a year selling thousands of items a month without ever seeing a single one of them.

Let's take a closer look so you can better understand how drop shipping works.

There are many companies or warehousers that stock large volumes of many different products. They offer these products at warehouse prices to people and other businesses interested in retailing them.

Butrepparttar 143977 great part is, these warehouse companies (drop shippers) don't expect you to come around in a truck and pick up half a ton of product to stock in your garage.

Instead, each time you sell a unit of their productrepparttar 143978 following will happen:

Customer pays you money and you receive their shipping details You notifyrepparttar 143979 drop shipper ofrepparttar 143980 sale and fowardrepparttar 143981 shipping details Drop shipper sendsrepparttar 143982 product torepparttar 143983 customer and sends an invoice to you You payrepparttar 143984 invoice out ofrepparttar 143985 customer's payment andrepparttar 143986 remainder is your profit

It sounds labor intensive but most processes can be automated so you have to do very little at all on this end.

Starting an eBay home business

Written by Murray Hughes

Starting an eBay Home Business

Do I need to explain what eBay is?

If ‘Yes’, where have you been living forrepparttar past 5 years? On Mars?

EBay isrepparttar 143976 world’s largest Internet auction site. There are a reported 30,000,000 users, but that number has probably increased inrepparttar 143977 time delay between me writing this article and you reading it.

There is no doubt that eBay is a fantastic place to find bargains. There really doesn’t seem to be any limit to what you can find and buy there. I’ve seen websites sold for 8 million and real estate going for $12,000,000.

That’s some hefty stuff!

But did you know you can get a cut of that action? eBay has created more home businesses than any other event in human history, and to think, only a short while agorepparttar 143978 Internet as we know it didn’t even exist.

To become an eBay seller all you need to do is register as a seller and then put up your product for sale.

However, that is an over-simplified summary, here are a few considerations you must ..err..consider: •What products will I sell? •Where will I find my products? •How much will it cost me to sell each product (price of product + eBay listing fees)? •Where in eBay will I list my products? •What will I say in my ad? •What starting bid should I choose? •How will I process payments? •How will I getrepparttar 143979 product torepparttar 143980 buyer?

Let’s look at each of these questions a little closer.. •What products will I sell?  Choose products that are in abundant supply (because you can sell more and not waste time searching for them) but not readily available in your local Walmart (unless you can sell them a lot cheaper).

•Where will I find my products?  Find a supplier that can providerepparttar 143981 products you want at a good price. Not as difficult as it sounds, read to learn more.

•How much will it cost me to sell each product (price of product + eBay listing fees)?  When creating your ads (eBay listings) you will notice there are different listing options that have different fees. But you must be sure that atrepparttar 143982 end ofrepparttar 143983 day, you are left with a profit after listing fees and product cost.

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