Making The Dot Compromise: Consider Dot Net

Written by Heather Reimer

Have you feltrepparttar frustration yet? Are you one ofrepparttar 108303 50,000 new netrepreneurs trying weekly to get your site online only to get caught up inrepparttar 108304 dot com feeding frenzy?

It starts like this: You dream up a list of possible names for your company. You run them through a domain search engine only to find all your dot com selections are already taken.

So you face a choice. Do you settle for a domain name that doesn't really turn your crank but is available withrepparttar 108305 prized .com extension? Or do you say 'damnrepparttar 108306 torpedoes' and go with a .net, .org or other suffix and hope your clientele will remember it and appreciate what a rebel you are?

For starters, regardless ofrepparttar 108307 suffix,repparttar 108308 best way for traffic to find you is if your domain name reflectsrepparttar 108309 nature of your business and is catchy enough to recall without a lot of mental gymnastics. (There are notable big-budget exceptions to this rule).

You want a domain name that is spelled just as it is pronounced so even if your potential clients hear it mentioned in conversation, they can type it in later without confusion. If you can squeeze in one or two delectable search engine keywords, so muchrepparttar 108310 better.

If you do wind up using .net, .org or one ofrepparttar 108311 250 country- specific extensions, you need to hammer it home in your promotions. Repeat it often. Accentuaterepparttar 108312 difference.

Jenean Matthews of does all that plus supplements her online marketing with free gifts like pens printed with her URL. Does she ever worry that she missedrepparttar 108313 .com bandwagon?

Not a bit. She predicts that, withrepparttar 108314 advent of new technologies, typed-in URLs will eventually become a thing of repparttar 108315 past anyway.

"I feelrepparttar 108316 way we surfrepparttar 108317 net will change. For example, repparttar 108318 CueCat device eliminatesrepparttar 108319 need for typing URLs," says Matthews. ( offers free software that sends your browser automatically torepparttar 108320 site you need.)

Candice Pardue

Written by Candice Pardue

For newcomers torepparttar Web, I'll give a brief definition of a domain name.

Your domain name isrepparttar 108302 same as "". It's also known as your URL or Website Address.

For example, is my site's domain name or my web address.

The domain name must be registered and approved before you can call it your own. The reason it works this way is because two websites havingrepparttar 108303 same domain name cannot reside online atrepparttar 108304 same time. If someone types in, he/she will go to my website and no one else's.

Registering your domain name and awaiting approval givesrepparttar 108305 registration company opportunity to check with every other company aroundrepparttar 108306 world to be sure no one else has already applied for your domain name "first."

It normally takes 2 to 3 days to receive confirmation of your domain name.

If you haven't registered your own domain name yet, please takerepparttar 108307 following tips into consideration before doing so.

Your domain name can affectrepparttar 108308 number of repeat visitors to your website.

Here's How:

1. Visitors will only remember your domain name for a future visit if it is easy to remember.

Which ofrepparttar 108309 two domain names below would you more likely remember? or

Probablyrepparttar 108310 first one. The shorterrepparttar 108311 better. Visitors will seerepparttar 108312 domain name, remember it, and hopefully visit again inrepparttar 108313 future ifrepparttar 108314 domain name is simple and torepparttar 108315 point.

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