Making Sense of the Internet Job Search... Fine-tune your job search and save valuable time!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

When I first started job hunting onrepparttar Internet, I would spend countless hours searching for anything and everything. I would search one site, then jump to another, and search some more. One ofrepparttar 119096 most frustrating things about job searching onrepparttar 119097 Internet is that most ofrepparttar 119098 same job postings are duplicated across hundreds of job search sites! It's like having three hundred Houston Chronicles fromrepparttar 119099 same day on your desk!

--- Why so many? --- ( and ( contain numerous newly posted job opportunities. Out of those opportunities,repparttar 119100 webmasters of a hundred or so telecommuting sites search for work-at-home jobs and post those jobs on their sites. Out of those jobs, numerous career-specific site webmasters extract work-at-home jobs in their career categories. In a matter of minutes, one job is duplicated hundreds of times on various sites.

Another place to search for opportunities is inrepparttar 119101 USENET newsgroups. The newsgroups have hundreds of jobs posted from various recruiters and employers. But, many ofrepparttar 119102 smaller posting sites go torepparttar 119103 USENET and post those jobs on their sites as well. Again,repparttar 119104 same job posting is duplicated numerous times.

You could spend an entire week hunting for jobs and seerepparttar 119105 same job posted 60 times on 100 sites!

--- I'm over here! ---

Numerous companies don't post their jobs because they don't want to be inundated by unqualified resume posters. Instead, these companies search for resumes on various sites. To make sure that you're seen, post your resume on several job sites and update it often!

The easiest way to do this is to create a text version of your resume as follows:

1. Create your professional resume in your favorite word processor. Make sure it's correct and all spelling and grammatical errors are resolved.

2. Exportrepparttar 119106 resume to a text file.

3. Editrepparttar 119107 text file and, for each "paragraph," remove all internal carriage-returns. If you look at it in Notepad with word-wrap turned off, each paragraph should be on a single, long line. Since many sites automatically word-wrap your text, this will preparerepparttar 119108 resume for proper formatting.

4. When you postrepparttar 119109 resume, simply paste it intorepparttar 119110 resume site's entry form.

It's a good idea to keeprepparttar 119111 resume's length to about two or three pages since many sites don't accept anything more than 8,000 to 12,000 characters. If you're concerned about leaving out important job-related talents, add a short section atrepparttar 119112 top ofrepparttar 119113 resume that listsrepparttar 119114 information (e.g., ASP, ODBC, CORBA, etc.) This will providerepparttar 119115 needed keywords forrepparttar 119116 search while minimizingrepparttar 119117 length ofrepparttar 119118 resume.

Some ofrepparttar 119119 better posting sites include:

* - * - * - * - * CareerShop - * Employment911 - * Net-Temps -

Don't be surprised if you're already posted on some ofrepparttar 119120 sites. Believe it or not, many ofrepparttar 119121 larger search sites also own and operate some ofrepparttar 119122 smaller sites. This way, they have various front-ends to attract individuals while usingrepparttar 119123 same core data. The important point here is: don't waste time posting to every site you find---target your postings forrepparttar 119124 greatest exposure.

Once you have it posted, make sure that you updaterepparttar 119125 resume at least once a month. I noticed that when I edit my resume and update it, I get a few hits from various companies and recruiters. This happens becauserepparttar 119126 resume is raised torepparttar 119127 top ofrepparttar 119128 stack again. If you notice that your hits are decreasing after an update, deleterepparttar 119129 old account and start a new one onrepparttar 119130 target sites. This will give recruiters and potential employers fresh meat to go after when they search for candidates to fill their positions.

It's also a good idea to post a resume on your Web site. It doesn't have to be promoted to any search engines, but you can sendrepparttar 119131 URL to prospective employers so they can see your experience. I broke my resume up into several pieces (i.e., Education, Experience, Skills, etc.) and created an e-book style presentation. I also added some of my work in a Samples section for their review. This way, potential employers can see my resume without having to download a lengthy document.

I Love Opera!

Written by Gary Konigsberg

Why is a singer-songwriter and fan of Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and roots rock and roll being so effusive about Opera?

Well I'm not talking about opera music here, norrepparttar Phantom ofrepparttar 119095 Opera. I am talking about Opera -repparttar 119096 third most popular browser onrepparttar 119097 internet.

What is a Browser?

This is a software product which allows one to surfrepparttar 119098 world wide web and also receive and send email and use other software applications such as instant messaging. Microsoft's Internet Explorer isrepparttar 119099 most commonly used browser and Netscape is second. AOL has it's own browser which is actually a version of Netscape which they now own.

Most cyber surfers are quite unaware that they have an option beyond these two. Microsoft and AOL are able to monopolizerepparttar 119100 internet in this fashion. But there are choices. In this article I am going to review a few points ofrepparttar 119101 available browsers.

Internet Explorer - If there is any way that I can get away from IE then I am open to it. It is enough that Microsoft monopolizesrepparttar 119102 internet with their Windows Operating System, it is a bit much that I have to also use their browser. This having been said, there are certain very positive features that make Internet Explorer quite efficient. Thumbs Up - 1. If you are needing to fill out a lot of forms or enter your password many times as in checking email,etc. then IE is extremely user friendly. It will actually recall your user id and other information that you have entered into specific data entry slots before so you can avoid having to re submitrepparttar 119103 info again and again. It also isrepparttar 119104 only browser that I have found that works with a software product called Gator which will recall your user id, password and personal info, including credit card info and pops up withrepparttar 119105 correct info every time that you visit that same site where you submitted that info before. 2. You can drag links torepparttar 119106 browser tool bar and others are adaptable to be included there for instance, Yahoo Instant Messenger and Yahoo Companion( with access to allrepparttar 119107 cool Yahoo channels ), MSN Messenger and other software products integrate directly into your browser screen and are accessible. What is also good is that you can remove them and also choose which ofrepparttar 119108 various bars you want to see on your screen and which you don't. Thumbs Down - 1. It can be quite slow to load and even more so if you add more features into your tool bars. 2. It can crash often. 3. It is often targetted by hackers.

Netscape -


There used to be many Netscape fanatics. In fact, it predates Internet Explorer and many people were quite loyal to it. Withinrepparttar 119109 last couple of years though it was co-opted and corrupted by AOL who now own Netscape. AOL has done such a thorough job of messing it up that it is receiving very negative reviews in every case that I have seen. A friend who used to love Netscape wrote a blistering review of it and it was all true. She stated that it looked like "Internet Explorer in a clown outfit". It crashes, it takes a long time to load if you can get it to load at all, it is slow, etc. Avoid Netscape 6.0

Thumbs Up

Netscape 4.73,repparttar 119110 previous version is a much better product and you may like certain features that are not in IE such asrepparttar 119111 integrated html editor,repparttar 119112 integrated email features and more.

Neoplanet - Thumb sort of inrepparttar 119113 middle.

This is actually IE in disguise again. The difference between this and IE is that you can choose how it appears, you can choose to add or subtract certain tabs not available in IE and you can integrate an email account into it. Onrepparttar 119114 other hand, you cannot drag software products onto its tool bar as you can with IE. So, it is prettier than IE and in some ways more functional, and in some ways less functional. This is just a matter of preferance.

Now we get torepparttar 119115 exciting part -

Enigma - Thumbs UP - This is a very lightweight browser that will download in a couple of minutes. It will provide you a no frills and far more rapid access torepparttar 119116 internet than IE will. It has integrated email with your email server be it Outlook Express, Hotmail (both Microsoft products) or Eudora or any other email client and hasrepparttar 119117 basic features, bookmarked favorite sites, etc as in IE. Thumbs Down - Not as sophisticated or multi functional as IE, BUT it gets you out ofrepparttar 119118 yolk of having to use Microsoft and it isrepparttar 119119 fastest of allrepparttar 119120 browsers I have tested by far. The name - it is far from an Enigma, I would say that Netscape 6.0 is much more of an enigma.

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