Making Sense of Diamond Grading Specs!

Written by Keith Thompson

Anyone wanting to make an informed purchase of diamond jewelry needs at least a cursory understanding ofrepparttar Four C's. These arerepparttar 149663 standards by which diamonds are graded, and ultimately determine their value. They are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. What follows is a brief description to acquaint diamond shoppers with these essential benchmarks.

CARAT WEIGHT - Contrary to popular belief, a large stone alone does not a valuable diamond make! While bigger can be better, it's notrepparttar 149664 only factor. Allrepparttar 149665 other C's carry as much weight inrepparttar 149666 end, and be sure to userepparttar 149667 size as a factor, though not necessarily a determining one. A carat is actually a measurement of weight, not size, equal to 200 Milligrams.

COLOR - The less colorrepparttar 149668 better. In other words, everything else being equal, a colorless diamond will be much more valuable. Diamonds range in color from colorless to brown, and are ranked by letter starting with "D",(colorless) to "Z", (brownish) This is determined under special lighting, and does not includerepparttar 149669 "fancy colored diamonds", as these are graded differently. In short,repparttar 149670 clearerrepparttar 149671 better!

CLARITY - Another important characteristic of a diamond's value is it's clarity. This deals withrepparttar 149672 number and size of any inclusions; small clouds, crystals, feathers or cavities noticeable under 10X magnification. The clarity grades are F-Flawless (extremely rare); IF-Internally Flawless; VVS1, VVS2- Very, Very Slightly Included; VS1, VS2 - Very Slightly Included; SI1, SI2- Slightly Included; and I1,I2,I3- Included. All you really need to know about this though, (other than your diamond's grade) is that you should not be able to see any inclusions withrepparttar 149673 naked eye.

A smile a day keeps the demons away

Written by Stephen Hill

I like to be around positive people, people who tend to be happy, who look onrepparttar bright side of life. Far too many people walk around in what seems like a depressed state. Come on people, it costs nothing to smile.

I must admit, I used to be one ofrepparttar 149662 ones who walked around in a depressed state. I had many things on my mind, many things I was not happy with, I used to feel so sorry for myself. Even when I write about it now, I laugh about how pathetic I used to be.

Things were about to change however. Atrepparttar 149663 time a new employee joinedrepparttar 149664 company where I worked, his name was Stuart. Now this may seem cruel but Stuart did not have a lot going for him. I won't go into details but lets just say I did not feel jealous of his life. I became quite good friends with Stuart and

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