Making Money on the Internet: What Every Newbie Should Know

Written by Sherry Starnes

Making Money On The Internet: What Every Newbie Should Know. Copyright Sherry Starnes --------------------------------------- Are you ready to start making money onrepparttar Internet but don't know where to start? If you are, let me give you some free advice that will make it easy while providing you with tips that you may not know or haven't heard about.

One ofrepparttar 116902 first thngs you will need is a money-making website. Without a functional website, it is extremely difficult to have a successful Internet Business.

You can get your own e-commerce website set up for free and usually within 24-48 hours. Avoid companies that offer to set your website up, furnish training, guarantee success, all forrepparttar 116903 low cost of $3,000.00. There is absolutely no reason to invest that much money to start your Internet Business. As I said, there are ways to get a money-making website for free and start your own business within 24 hours.

Once you get your website, you will need a hosting company which isrepparttar 116904 company that storesrepparttar 116905 data that makes up your website, on their servers. The company that builds your website will direct you to a hosting company. The fees for hosting your information is usually about $19.95-$20.95 per month.

What are you going to sell on your website. This may be a very difficult decision for many people. Your product or service should be something you are interested in. If you are interested in gardening, focus on garden tools, plants, gardening tips, etc. If you are interested in Internet Marketing, make your focus on e-books, websign, marketing tips, or technology. Focusing on areas of your interest will be beneficial to both you and your customers.

After you have set uprepparttar 116906 basics of your website, you will want customers to be able to view information and make purchases. In order for them to make purchases, it is very important that you are able to accept credit cards.

Tapping Into The Visual Stimulus Of Your Web Site Visitors

Written by Dan J. Fry

"Oh, my eyes, my eyes! What an eye sore. Quick, click away! Click away!"

Suddenly I wake up in a cold sweat. What happened. Oh, then I realize: it was just a nightmare.

O.k., I'm not crazy, and no I haven't had this dream before. But think about this: what would you do if you came to a site littered with either tons of different colors, loud pinks, purples, greens and reds mixed incoherently, or more animations and graphics thanrepparttar rods and cones of your inner eye can possibly absorb? If your like me I simply go "click, bye-bye".

Our visual stimulus is ever more so important onrepparttar 116901 web than almost anywhere else. The internet is most definitely about information. But, that information is shown graphically. So, if you want to keep people at your site, first appeal to their visual stimulus.

There are a few guidelines that you should adhere to when designing your site, following known research results on colors that elicit certain psychological responses. The bottom line is that it is hard enough to market onrepparttar 116902 internet today, why make it harder by irritating your visitors.

(1) Colors and Their Effect: I prefer blue and white. In general blue seems to elicit a sense of trust and white a sense of purity. Gold, onrepparttar 116903 other hand isrepparttar 116904 color of wealth and prosperity, something we are all working towards. So, with respect to general internet marketing, these colors tend to workrepparttar 116905 best. They are easy onrepparttar 116906 eyes and don't strike up a sense of danger, such as withrepparttar 116907 color red. Of course,repparttar 116908 colors also depend on purpose of your site. If selling baby items, pink, which represents femininity, and baby blue, representing weakness may work quite well. It depends in part on site content. A high tech site selling electronic components may do better with greys, silvers, and black.

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