Making Money From What You Know

Written by Paulette Ensign

Everyone has something they wantrepparttar world to know about. An informational tips booklet is just one of many ways to circulate that information. From there, that content can be recycled over and over and over again into other saleable formats, all without ever writing another new word of copy. Inrepparttar 117886 early 1990's whenrepparttar 117887 US economy was in dismal shape, so wasrepparttar 117888 economy of Organizing Solutions, Inc., a speaking and consulting company. On a 'zero budget' (translation: flat broke!), a tips booklet called, '110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life' was produced. Little did anyone know that wasrepparttar 117889 beginning of a journey of selling over 500,000 copies in two languages without spending a penny on advertising to do it. It actually spurred an entire new business inrepparttar 117890 process.

The booklet contents came from things that were said to clients or to audiences over a period of eight years, all about getting organized. It was information people wanted to know, and information that was absorbed well in small amounts.

To accomplish these sales results, a variety of marketing methods was used. The first was sending a copy ofrepparttar 117891 booklet to national publications, inviting them to excerpt fromrepparttar 117892 booklet, and adding a tag line atrepparttar 117893 bottom invitingrepparttar 117894 reader to send a small amount of money for their own complete copy. Approximately 15,000 single copies were sold that way. Next, major corporations were contacted to sell them large quantities ofrepparttar 117895 booklet, usually for their own promotional purposes, at large quantity pricing discounts. About 50,000 copies were sold this way.

Then things started really expanding. Non-exclusive rights to reprint several hundred thousand copies were sold to a mail order catalog company. Atrepparttar 117896 same time, a connection was made online with a marketing company in Italy, who licensedrepparttar 117897 contents to create an Italian version ofrepparttar 117898 booklet. Over 100,000 copies ofrepparttar 117899 Italian version were sold to a magazine who bundled it with one issue of their own publication as a gift to their subscribers. The booklet contents have also been licensed into several other languages and other physical formats.

At one point, a well known American public seminar company expressed interest in producing an audio program based onrepparttar 117900 booklet. The audio set has sold about 20,000 copies unto itself. That audio program also triggered a 20-minute interview onrepparttar 117901 in-flight audio programming of a major airline for two months, world-wide. Two companies who each produce laminated guides also licensedrepparttar 117902 non-exclusive rights torepparttar 117903 contents. They then producedrepparttar 117904 product and pay royalties for all units they sell.

Get Paid To Surf Programs. Failure by Design?

Written by Rafael Aguilo

Get Paid to Surf Programs have become allrepparttar rage with Internet Users. With visions of quick and easy money, millions have joined. They see themselves receiving money to 'surf'repparttar 117885 web and, here'srepparttar 117886 clincher, make a financial killing by referringrepparttar 117887 program to their friends or associates. You see, done repparttar 117888 RIGHT WAY, you can make a large amount of money from this part alone. So far,so good.

Forrepparttar 117889 companies, this 'letrepparttar 117890 members dorepparttar 117891 talking' way of seeking new members has been nothing but a phenomenal success. Hotmail demonstrated thatrepparttar 117892 'viral marketing' approach was quick; and above all, fairly inexpensive. I practice viral marketing at any chance I get. For those of us who have investedrepparttar 117893 time and money to learn how, it's a blessing. IT WORKS. Period.

The only fly-in-the-ointment with this scenario is that MOST ofrepparttar 117894 members FAIL to make any significant income from this. The whole system is basically designed to be that way.

Let me explain.

What happens withrepparttar 117895 average guy (gal) that joins one (or more) of these programs is:

The Majority hits a BRICK WALL.

Why? Because they followrepparttar 117896 'official' way of workingrepparttar 117897 program. They end up having great difficulty building their own groups. Almost Everyone IS Makingrepparttar 117898 SAME MISTAKE. The Results? Dissapointing results.

Why? Lets Face It: Because nobody wants to berepparttar 117899 sailor. Everybody wants to be captain ofrepparttar 117900 ship. What happens next is that almost allrepparttar 117901 ships end up being one person rowboats! Only a few end up with Super-Tankers!

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