Making Mom Happy on Her Special Day

Written by Shauna Hanus

Mothers day is May 8th this year, are you ready? Are you in need of an idea for how to treat mom on Mothers Day that will not break your budget? How about indulging mom with a delightful home cooked brunch and a special tea pot for her to take home atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 136680 day.

Making moms eyes sparkle with a beautifully set table is as easy as pulling out that lacey table cloth and placing a vase of fresh flowers inrepparttar 136681 center for her to enjoy. Dig outrepparttar 136682 fine china; what have you been waiting for? This is that special occasion you reserve for onlyrepparttar 136683 best. Remember this is your mom, so make your table sparkle with love. She will go home knowing how much you love and appreciate her.

Helen's Summerstyle Leg of Lamb

Written by Helen Porter

Most people have probably triedrepparttar Greek 'Kleftiko' lamb, a slow roasted dish that when done properly is probablyrepparttar 136660 very best way to cook this kind of meat. The downside isrepparttar 136661 preparation involved - typically you have to cookrepparttar 136662 lamb for up to 8 hours or so, andrepparttar 136663 final quality can vary between fabulous and horrible. Well here's a variation direct from that solvesrepparttar 136664 problem, and will make your friends think you have spent an entire season in Greece, learning their cooking style! The lamb will fall offrepparttar 136665 bone and be full of flavor, it's simple to prepare as are most of my dishes, as I believe good food shouldn't take hours and hours of preparation.

You will need: Leg of Lamb (will feed 8-12 people) Celery x 4 - use strips then cut them into chunky slices Lamb Stock Cubes x 2 8 leaves of mint Fresh Rosemary Carrots Garlic cloves - slice them into small pieces Salt & Pepper

Side Dish Olive Oil - enough so you have a semi wet mixture Whole Red onion chopped finely Peas - allow a handful per person part boiled but still al-dente Mint - 1 cup Flat Leaf Parsley - 2 cups Garlic Clove Salt & Pepper

Pre heatrepparttar 136666 oven to 220 degrees. Takerepparttar 136667 lamb and put in a large deep roasting tin. Using a sharp knife make holes inrepparttar 136668 leg - you should have around 12 evenly spaced aroundrepparttar 136669 circumference. Inrepparttar 136670 holes put a slice of garlic and a sprig of rosemary. Aroundrepparttar 136671 lamb putrepparttar 136672 celery and carrot chunks - remember this is only used for flavor so be as rough as you like. Putrepparttar 136673 sprigs of mint aroundrepparttar 136674 lamb and then pour 2 pints of lamb stock overrepparttar 136675 lamb. Season with salt and pepper and place inrepparttar 136676 oven. The lamb should be covered inrepparttar 136677 stock to a depth of about 2/3 ofrepparttar 136678 lamb. After 30 minutes of cooking turnrepparttar 136679 oven down to 150 degrees, then basterepparttar 136680 lamb every 40 minutes or so. You'll need to be at home for this sincerepparttar 136681 lamb will take 6-7 hours to cook. 3 hours into cooking you will need to turnrepparttar 136682 leg over inrepparttar 136683 roasting pan.

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