Making Merchandise of Christians – Prosperity Gospel Blight

Written by Rev. Michael Bresciani

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: 2 Peter 2:3a. The Apostle Peter makes this statement in his second epistle concerning those who will come to rake and deceiverepparttar believers into giving up their wealth, their goods and anything else they may possess. This warning is available to Christiansrepparttar 151208 world over in their own Bibles, so why are so many of them still falling prey torepparttar 151209 ravishes of every charlatan and modern prosperity gospel preacher that pops up onrepparttar 151210 circuit?

Anyone who has read their Bible would have to concede in principle at least that it does say that God loves to bless his children. It also does promise that if we are giving individuals we should expect to have many wonderful blessings returned to us as a result. These promises are unquestionable. Christ said that if we gave that men would give to us good measure pressed down and running over, Luke 6:38. The principle here is not in question; it isrepparttar 151211 use, and or ratherrepparttar 151212 misuse of this principle that causes allrepparttar 151213 trouble. Anyone trying to prove thatrepparttar 151214 Bible does not promise God’s blessings torepparttar 151215 generous giver would come up woefully short. So how does this doctrinal new kid onrepparttar 151216 block,repparttar 151217 abundant life gospel, succeed inrepparttar 151218 wake of its highly suspect proponents and their methods?

The first thing today’s prosperity gospel lacks is universality. Can this gospel be preached to everyone in any place throughoutrepparttar 151219 world? The answer to this question is a simple, no. Other than inrepparttar 151220 United States and Western Europe this gospel is impossible to preach and in large part it is mocked. Americans make up about one sixth ofrepparttar 151221 entire worlds population yet they consume almost fifty percent ofrepparttar 151222 world’s food. Even inrepparttar 151223 burgeoning economies of Europe, China, Japan and South Korea it is common knowledge that America is still number one in wealth and waste. Why hasrepparttar 151224 country that already hasrepparttar 151225 most, becomerepparttar 151226 birth place of a gospel that says we should be getting even more? As two thirds ofrepparttar 151227 world sends its children to bed each night with hunger pains, we are asking God to give usrepparttar 151228 money to go to an expensive spa to lose weight. One prosperity gospel preacher was recently called out onrepparttar 151229 carpet for spending ten thousand dollars a night for a lavish hotel suite in Indonesia. By contrast a missionary magazine tells ofrepparttar 151230 humble pastor in some third world country who is rejoicing over a new bicycle he has been given. Now he can pedal around to make his visitations that cover an area of about twenty five square miles. Prosperity then, is figuratively inrepparttar 151231 eye ofrepparttar 151232 beholder. Thatrepparttar 151233 prosperity gospel cannot be preached in every place is proof that it is notrepparttar 151234 real gospel. The real gospel is that Jesus Christ came intorepparttar 151235 world, spoke words that give life, died forrepparttar 151236 sins ofrepparttar 151237 world, rose fromrepparttar 151238 dead and promised to return torepparttar 151239 earth and judgerepparttar 151240 living andrepparttar 151241 dead. This can be preached everywhere, at anytime throughoutrepparttar 151242 world and it will producerepparttar 151243 same effect that it has now for twenty centuries.

The Fatum Bank

Written by Adeolu Oluade








2 Peter 1:3-4(KJV) "According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, throughrepparttar knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:" "Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers ofrepparttar 151172 divine nature, having escapedrepparttar 151173 corruption that is inrepparttar 151174 world through lust." There is only one bank that outclasses all others, because it contains all kinds of precious, priceless, and unlimited resources needed forrepparttar 151175 fulfillment of destiny throughout all generations of humanity. It is called 'the Fatum Bank'. It is not affected byrepparttar 151176 world leading stock markets orrepparttar 151177 price of oil! It is impenetrable torepparttar 151178 dark world of crime. It is free from all kinds of bankruptcy or fraud. It cannot be manipulated by any human person or organisation. It cannot be accessed by human wisdom, might, or riches (Jer.9:23). It never has staff shortages or labour strikes! Its offices are open anywhere inrepparttar 151179 world 24/7. It shows no discrimination against any age, sex, nation, race, or ethnic group (James 1:17). Its credentials are certainly awesome! Who owns this incredible bank? 'The Fatum Bank' is by God, in God, and for God (Col.1:16-18). It not only has current accounts from which resources can be drawn,but it also has deposit accounts into which treasures can be laid up(Matt.6:20). It has more than enough room available for every person born underrepparttar 151180 sun to have all types of accounts. It even offers outstanding properties to all account holders (John 14:1-3)! 'Fatum' is one ofrepparttar 151181 Latin words forrepparttar 151182 English word 'Destiny'. The treasures in any current account of 'the Fatum Bank' are 'the riches of God's grace': Eph.1:7(KJV) "In whom we have redemption through his blood,repparttar 151183 forgiveness of sins, according torepparttar 151184 riches of his grace;" It is only by God's grace that anyone can become a customer of 'the Fatum Bank': Eph.2:8(KJV) "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it isrepparttar 151185 gift of God:" It takes God's grace to be what God has destined one to be: 1 Cor.15:10(KJV) "But byrepparttar 151186 grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, butrepparttar 151187 grace of God which was with me."

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