Making Internet Chat Safe For Your Children.

Written by David D. Deprice

No matter what you say or do, your kids will chat and use IM (instant messengers) overrepparttar internet. That's a given. But since you haverepparttar 151149 obligation to protect your children, be aware that there are parent-friendly software tools that can assist you.

Chat Watch

Chat Watch logs both sides of instant messages on AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Chat Watch features parental controls, chat scheduling, a chat acronym translator, and more. Chat logs can be automatically e-mailed to you, copied to a network computer, or uploaded to a remote server. Chat Watch is password protected and can run hidden in stealth mode and accessible by a hot key. Chat Watch allows you to monitor and be in control of your child's instant messaging.


* Log both sides of instant messages on AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger. * Chat Watch can automatically e-mail yourepparttar 151150 chat logs at a pre-set time. * The chat logs can be copied to a network computer. * The Content Monitor quickly highlights chats that may contain offensive words. Parents can add custom words torepparttar 151151 content monitor watch list. * Parents can set scheduling options that determine when chatting is allowed and when it is not allowed. * Chat Watch can run in complete Stealth mode hidden torepparttar 151152 user. * Task Manager can be disabled while Chat Watch is running. * Advanced Hot Key allows forrepparttar 151153 hot key to be a combination of three hot keys for maximum security. * Access torepparttar 151154 chat logs is password protected.

The Future of Communications - Voice Over Internet

Written by Jill Meluson

When wasrepparttar last time that you were able to make a long-distance call for free? If you said "never", you probably have not been introduced to VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. But, is this new technology as efficient as its counterpart, analog telephone service?

Sincerepparttar 150772 demand for world-wide communication has grown,repparttar 150773 internet has becomerepparttar 150774 most popular way of communicating. Although Communication via e-mail seemed to berepparttar 150775 cheapest way to do business with those overseas, it wasn't alwaysrepparttar 150776 most effective.

If analog phone service was always cost effective, we probably would not have to wait for someone to open their inbox and hit reply. Still, verbal communication isrepparttar 150777 best way to build strong relationships and eventually, "closerepparttar 150778 deal". VOIP service is a cost effective as e-mail and as effective as its alternative,repparttar 150779 analog phone service.

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