Make your own Computer Software - without Programming!

Written by Gunter Gerdenitsch

With a new software technologyrepparttar computer software, so far rather a specialty, is becoming an everyday commodity you can do yourself. And you SHOULD do it yourself: no one knows better what you want to get out ofrepparttar 107902 computer than you!

Software development, isn't thatrepparttar 107903 métier of a few highly trained specialists,repparttar 107904 "inaugurated high priests ofrepparttar 107905 computer"? - Not for applications as you need every day. With a new software technology, "component based software development", also software is going to become a commodity. Make it yourself and you will reap a number of benefits:

1. You get exactlyrepparttar 107906 application software you want - without endless haggling with an external software developer. 2. Your application software will have much more quality and user-friendliness than you could ever get by conventional programming. 3. You saverepparttar 107907 cost of an external developer.

1st Component Design ( has developed a product line called "DLG", specialized in user interface (UIF), that is designed for exactly that purpose. DLG is especially useful for UIF-intensive applications, with a large number of user-interface elements and much user interaction. User-interaction - that'srepparttar 107908 most tricky part of application programming.

This economic development, that's quite natural in history. Starting out as a specialty for a few people. Via to some kind of "high tech" (as computers and software are regarded nowadays). Finally down to an everyday commodity that's open torepparttar 107909 average user. For example, think ofrepparttar 107910 automobile technology. Inrepparttar 107911 beginning, up to around 1900, an automobile was just another fad for those few who could afford it. By 1908repparttar 107912 Ford "Model T" came onrepparttar 107913 market, and now that technology turned to something evenrepparttar 107914 average user could master. But still, particularly in Europe, automobiles required a good deal of attention, and many automobile owners hired professional drivers ("chauffeurs") to handle their cars. Not beforerepparttar 107915 second half ofrepparttar 107916 20. century more and more people drove their automobiles themselves. Today, handling a car is just too simple to hire a professional "chauffeur" (except for busses, trucks, etc.)

How To Optimize Your Online Time Through Efficient Computer Use

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Save your precious time and efforts by optimizing your computer usage skills. Here are a few tips for you (Window Users):

-The `Ctrl plus F` keys bring uprepparttar `find` function. Particularly useful when reading e-mails you need to findrepparttar 107901 Ad Code, Ad published twice etc. Also good for find requirements in word documents.

-The `Ctrl plus N` keys open up a new window. Excellent when reading emails, you need to visit some other link without exiting your email program. Or you need to open two e-mails inrepparttar 107902 same account atrepparttar 107903 same time, or compose a reply withrepparttar 107904 email open in front of you. Or..repparttar 107905 possibilities are endless.

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