Make your 2005 Email Marketing Plan Successful Six useful tips.

Written by Mike Savaliya

Make your 2005 Email Marketing Plan Successful Six useful tips. by Mike Savaliya, MailMailer

Email Marketing is growing more and more every year. Many small E-business owners have already made marketing plans for 2005. Email marketing is a very popular tool these days but often not utilized correctly to reach out to prospective customers. E-mail is very effective and inexpensive tool than regular mail to attract prospective customers, grow relationships with current customers, gain mindshare among affiliate partners and resellers and increase brand awareness. Below are six useful tips to make your 2005 email marketing successful:

Improve your Email Marketing tactics When used correctly, and ethically, email marketing is one ofrepparttar most effective forms of online advertising. But if misused, abused or underutilized, e-mail marketing may have an adverse effect on your business. Here are some keys to successful email marketing.

Selectrepparttar 108214 right Audience

Selecting right audience isrepparttar 108215 first step to any marketing strategy. Make sure to buyrepparttar 108216 right targeted audience segmented in right demographic groups. If gathering audience list on your website, make sure you collect as much information as you can to segment your list in to interests. If you are using an audience list that you currently have, make sure to divide it in to groups to make your message more effective.

Personalize your message

Segment your audience in to groups depending on geographical areas or interests or age and personalize your message for each group of audience. Expert statistics and results show thatrepparttar 108217 more you personalize your message or newsletter,repparttar 108218 higher your open rates and clickthrough rate will be.

Send HTML and Text versions

Send both HTML and Text version of you message so that everyone of your audience receive either HTML or plain text message depending upon their server settings. HTML messages tend to get much more response in terms of open rate than regular plain text.

Why Should You Compare Your Email Campaigns?

Written by Mike Savaliya

Making sure that your email newsletter subscribers are receivingrepparttar best of your information is very important. If you are using an optin list from a while then you should know:

What grabs most of your subscriber's attention?

How frequently do they want to read your newsletter? Arerepparttar 105200 really interested inrepparttar 105201 information you provide? Do they forward your information to their friends?

You will get answers to these questions when you compare results of all email campaigns sent to this optin list in last one year.

Put allrepparttar 105202 email campaign statistics in a table and in a graph. Below arerepparttar 105203 most important statistics that you should look at:

Open Unique Open Clickthru Unsubscribe Forwarded

Put these

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