Make the Right move

Written by Donald Lee

America is always onrepparttar move—literally. Experts estimate that one out of five households move to a new residence each year. If you dorepparttar 144559 math, that amounts to a whopping 1.5 million moves every month. Those are some amazing stats, especially if you consider how trying and stressful such moves can be. It’s a wonder that one household—let alone millions!—can pull it off.

If you’re part of this statistic and onrepparttar 144560 verge of a big move, though, don’t be daunted byrepparttar 144561 whole process of packing up your stuff, loading it, and dragging it to your new home. There is a way to move without losing any valuables, too much money, or your mind, whether you’re moving across town, or acrossrepparttar 144562 continent. With some common sense, some help from professionals, friends, and loved ones, andrepparttar 144563 essential “Do’s and Don’ts” list in this article, you can be successful and avoid all ofrepparttar 144564 mishaps and stress that usually come with moving.

We’ll start withrepparttar 144565 positive—the Do’s on our list. Make sure to check off all of these before you even start stuffing boxes with your stuff. Do:

•Line up help for packing and moving your stuff. It depends on your budget whether you hire professional movers or call inrepparttar 144566 volunteer brigade (your friends and family). Either way, round up somebody.

•Have a chat with your post office, making sure they know to forward your mail to your new address. In many cases, you will need to fill out a mail-forwarding form.

•Purchase brand-new moving boxes from your moving company or truck-renting company. They’re worthrepparttar 144567 money. Bugs and vermin can stow away in old boxes. No need to give them a free ride to your new digs.

•Sort through your stuff for old valuables you don’t need anymore to sell. Be honest with yourself, and you may be able to pay for your move withrepparttar 144568 money you make—especially if you sell them at convenient and easy marketplaces like online classified sites.

•Drop off old valuables that aren’t worth selling at a Goodwill or other charity thrift shop.

•Think comfort and safety on move day. Pack a first-aid kit with medicines and hygiene products, as well as a change of clothes and light snacks.

Choosing Candles & Scents Part 1 - Candles for July

Written by Kara Kelso

Deciding on just a few candles is rarely easy. With so much to choose from now (possibly even thousands of scents), it's next to impossible to choose just one. This is part one of a number of articles to follow on choosing candle scents for your home.

With 4th of July and several weeks of celebration, it seems only natural too choose an Amercian type candle, or even a "summer" scent. Here are some suggestions for scents that "fit"repparttar month of July:

American Style Containers: Many candles companies are now offering candles with red, white, and blue layers. Others offer American flag design containers and votive holders.

Apple Pie Scent: This has become quite popular, and for a good reason. It's absolutely yummy, and smells good enough to eat! Nothing says American quite like Apple Pie.

Blueberry Muffin: Another very "American-like" scent. This scent smells just like blueberry muffins right out ofrepparttar 144431 oven.

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