Make it Better!

Written by Dave Balch

Whatever you make, sell, or do, you can undoubtedly make, sell, or do it even better than you already do.

There, I said it.

It's nothing personal. I'm sure that you already do a great job, but there is always room for improvement; there are examples all around us. And I am absolutely certain that you can find something, however small, that will make what you do just a little better.

How can I be so sure? I'll tell you.

Someone improved a pad of paper.

I'm not kidding... a pad of paper! It was one of those "cubes" with a design printed onrepparttar sides (which, in itself, is an improvement over a regular pad of paper). But they went one step further and drilled a hole in one corner for a pen or pencil. Ingenious. Simple. Useful. Amazing.

I challenge you to start right away! Don't be intimidated; your improvements don't have to be quantum leaps in technology. Little things add up. For example, it is my goal to improve my website every day. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but I try to tweak it every day. Sometimesrepparttar 117720 changes are big (a new page or feature), sometimesrepparttar 117721 changes are small (fixing a typo or changingrepparttar 117722 color or size of a word). But they all add up andrepparttar 117723 website is lookin' pretty good, if I say so myself!

Just examine how others have improved their products. We all know and love sticky notes: look atrepparttar 117724 simple improvements they came up with for a basically simple product. Colors, for example. Yellow, blue, green, white. Then came various sizes (in various colors, of course). Now they have different shapes for different purposes, which come in various sizes and colors. For example, you can buy long, skinny sticky-notes to use as place markers in books or magazines. A simple idea with a number of simple improvements.

"How to generate a high income, and achieve the lifestyle you want."

Written by Jon Mills

Want something better?

The trouble with life is, you need money. While most people do what they're supposed to and get a job, some strive for better things, reach that bit further, and try to set up their own business. Many are successful, but many more are not.

The problem is, businesses need start-up capital, office space, storage space, and hired help. This putsrepparttar business, andrepparttar 117719 owner, under enormous pressure to do well right fromrepparttar 117720 outset. Not easy when you considerrepparttar 117721 overheads that have to be covered, such as rent, salaries, andrepparttar 117722 purchasing of stock.

Sorepparttar 117723 message is, unless you already have a disposable income and a business degree, don't bother, right? Well, if you believed that, then I somehow don't think you'd be reading this, and guess what, it's wrong!

Digital delivery,

What is digital delivery? Well, it's simply a process by which certain products can be purchased overrepparttar 117724 Internet. The payment is delivered directly to your bank account, andrepparttar 117725 product likewise is sent digitally torepparttar 117726 customer.

So, what can you sell that can be delivered digitally? That's simple, information! The possibilities for an information-based product are almost endless and range from software, to specialist "how-to" reports, to e-books.

While there is profit to be made providing "real" info-products, like books, or CDs, these incur significant overheads through production, packaging, printing and shipping costs. A downloadable file, however, does not. The expenses mentioned simply don't exist, moreoverrepparttar 117727 product can be sent torepparttar 117728 customer immediately, which is always better than keeping them waiting for several days.

Why information?

Because it's a big seller! Information isrepparttar 117729 number one selling product type onrepparttar 117730 Internet today. Online buyers are now extremely comfortable withrepparttar 117731 idea of buying an info-product that they understand will answer their questions, resolve a problem, and improve their life as a result. If you can create a product that does this, they'll buy it!

But what if you don't know how to write software, or an e-book. Well, you don't need to! There are a lot of good products out there in need of decent marketing. When you learn how to find them, you will always have quality products in your inventory to sell.

This business can create amazing profits. An info-product only has to be produced once, as reproduction is simply a case of copying a file, and you can sell from anywhere between $10 and $100+. So there's no inventory to maintain, nothing to ship, and you're making almost 100% profit. As you can imagine, it doesn't take a lot of sales to make a great deal of money, and buildrepparttar 117732 life you want.

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