Make a dried flower wall decoration

Written by Janice Wee

Fancy a dried flower wall hanging?

I used to make those years ago. For this, you need

  • a paper bowl or plastic bowl that you can cut easily with a pair of scissors.
  • Florist foam
  • 2 sheets of very thick cardboard eachrepparttar size ofrepparttar 148960 frame you want
  • Glue that can stick torepparttar 148961 foam andrepparttar 148962 bowl andrepparttar 148963 cardboard.
  • Dried flowers
  • Paint
  • Very strong thick string or fishing line to hangrepparttar 148964 wall hanging.

Now cutrepparttar 148965 bowl in half.

Plan out your frame. What shape do you want it to be?

It has to be substantially larger than that half bowl as you need to make room forrepparttar 148966 frame.

Cut both sheets of cardboard intorepparttar 148967 shape of your chosen frame

1 sheet would berepparttar 148968 backing inside,repparttar 148969 other would be justrepparttar 148970 frame.

Make 2 holes inrepparttar 148971 backing that would be hidden behindrepparttar 148972 frame. Tierepparttar 148973 string through both holds onrepparttar 148974 outer side ofrepparttar 148975 backing. This will be used to hangrepparttar 148976 final dried flower wall hanging.

Tippi™ Fingertip Grips™ Put Traction and Comfort In Reach

Written by John Jordan

-Scrapbook, fabric and archival hobbyists gain better dexterity from new grip tool

BELLEVUE, WA - VWP, Inc. today announcedrepparttar introduction of their new grip tool torepparttar 148959 scrapbooking, fabric, and archival hobbyist market. Tippi™ Fingertip Grips™ are a revolutionary finger sheath that enhances finger performance forrepparttar 148960 wearer. They are reusable, archival-safe, and fingerprint-, acid-, and PVC-free. The product was unveiled duringrepparttar 148961 2005 CHA Summer Convention atrepparttar 148962 Craft and Hobby Association Fair in Chicago, Illinois. VWP, Inc. President Philip Lorenzo said, "We are quite excited to bring this product to paper and fabric craft enthusiasts. Tippi Fingertip Grips are made expressly for this market and will help hobbyists get more enjoyment from what they love to do."

Crafters findrepparttar 148963 tool surprisingly comfortable, yet barely noticeable onrepparttar 148964 hand. Tippi™ Fingertip Grips™ have a set of paddles that connect and grip paper, plastic or other materials with desirable traction. Their unique design also enablesrepparttar 148965 wearer to maintain a high degree of tactile sensitivity to feel and grip even intricate or delicate materials. Thin and strong, they are like an athletic shoe forrepparttar 148966 finger and are made from a non-latex material. Its secure grip and ergonomic hinge design works to decrease stress torepparttar 148967 hand that are incurred from repeated motions. The sheathing is also thin enough to not impede other motions or manipulation of tools. Ventilation holes and an open design on top makerepparttar 148968 tool breathable and easy to use, even for people with long fingernails.

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