Make a Postcard from your Home Page

Written by June Campbell

You know how difficult it is to drive traffic to your site. The sheer numbers of websites make it all too easy to get lost inrepparttar crowd. Search engines are becoming less effective at keyword searches, banner advertising has a lower clickthrough rate than it once had .....

One solution torepparttar 124489 traffic problem is offline advertising. Big names like are already promoting their site through commercial ads on national television networks

Those of us without deep pockets might do well to look for more affordable methods of offline advertising -- such as postcards containing a picture of your web site and a custom message. Let's call them "Netposts."

Here are just some ofrepparttar 124490 ways that you might use Netposts.

* Mail them to clients in thanks for business. * Send them business contacts in lieu of Christmas or other seasonal cards. * Distribute them at networking groups and trade shows. * Leave them in selected locations instead of brochures. For example, if your site is selling pet care products, publish some articles on pet care on your web site, then ask animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics if they will display your netposts. * Send them out to potential customers before you make that cold call. Sincerepparttar 124491 cards are colourful, attractive and easy to handle, they are more likely to be kept on display than a letter or even a brochure. * Mail them to your customers to announce special deals, sales or other corporate news.

You can make your own netposts if you haverepparttar 124492 equipment, software and skill to use both effectively. You will need a graphics software program (i.e. PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop), a desktop publishing program (i.e. PageMaker, CorelDraw, MS Word), and sheets of blank postcards such as those sold by Avery ( You will also need access to a good quality color printer. Desktop bubble jets can work quite well when budgets are tight, but do not expectrepparttar 124493 same quality printing as you would from an offset printer.

Offline Promotion: 45 Places Your URL Should Be Seen or Heard

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

1. Answering Machine 2. Address labels 3. Billboards 4. Brochures 5. Business Cards 6. Catalogs 7. CD ROM Presentations 8. Christmas Cards 9. Classifieds 10. Company/Personal Cars 11. Coupons 12. Co-Workers 13. Checks 14. Envelopes 15. Existing customers 16. Fax sheets 17. Flyers 18. Freebies & Giveaways 19. Friends 20. Interviews 21. Invoices 22. Leaflets 23. Media Kits 24. Newsletters 25. Newspaper Ads 26. On Hold Messages 27. Packaging 28. Personal Mail 29. PhoneBook Listings 30. Postcards 31. Posters 32. Press Releases 33. Print Ads 34. Products 35. Promotional Materials 36. Radio Ads 37. Receipts 38. Reorder Forms 39. Sales Letters 40. Stationery 41. Storefront 42. Television Ads 43. Trade Shows 44. Uniforms & Hats 45. Your Home

Here's a couple of Bonus Tips and Ideas!

A. Contact Radio & TV Stations and offer to write a Free "advice or tips" column.

B. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce and other Commerce related organizations.

C. Schedule free offline classes and teach people how to use their computer, software or navigaterepparttar Internet.

D. Write a tips booklet and offer to mention each business inrepparttar 124488 booklet for letting you drop them off for counter or bagging distribution.

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