Make a Note/What I Learned from Jack Canfield and Ted Nicholas

Written by Joe Vitale

by Dr. Joe Vitale

I spoke at a seminar in San Antonio, Texas a few months ago. Ted Nicholas was inrepparttar audience. Ted is a legend; a direct marketing king and a copywriter ofrepparttar 147258 highest order. But he sat and did something unusual atrepparttar 147259 event: He took notes.

I found this fascinating. Why would one ofrepparttar 147260 wisest and eldest recognized fathers of modern direct marketing sit and take notes at my talk?

And he didn't take notes only while I was speaking. He took notes while every speaker gave his or her presentation.

Why was that?

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at an event in Las Vegas. Jack Canfield was inrepparttar 147261 crowd. He'srepparttar 147262 legend behindrepparttar 147263 "Chicken Soup" line of books. As far as I'm concerned, he's a mega success and most of us should be sitting at his feet. But what was Jack doing as I andrepparttar 147264 other speakers gave our talks?

Yep. Taking notes.

When I was in Chicago recently, a well known marketer came up to me and said he just bought my program at I was impressed. I figured he already knew all there was about marketing. In fact, I've bought his stuff inrepparttar 147265 past to learn from him!

What's going on here?

Five Ways to Speed Up Business Cash Flow

Written by William von Achen

At one point or another, almost every business runs short of cash. Whether due to normal fluctuations in demand or an unexpected decline in sales, cash shortfalls arerepparttar bane of every company, and are responsible for sleepless nights for many business owners.

Yet, there are a number of simple ways that you can reduce your dependence on your company’s line of credit and increaserepparttar 147211 cash that you need. Here are five no-cost methods to try:

Increase Receivables Collection Efforts: This isrepparttar 147212 easiest and fastest way to generate cash but, surprisingly, most companies do a terrible job of it. Start by calling all customers whose invoices are between 25 and 30 days old to ensure that they have your bill and to find out when it is scheduled for payment. These arerepparttar 147213 easiest collection calls to make and they often result in faster payment. And, it allows you to quickly rectify problems that may delay your check.

Get Payment In Advance: Another often overlooked technique is to simply ask customers for advance payment, or for a partial payment for goods and services. This approach is especially valid with large purchases, or on work where you’ll incur significant expenses before being able to deliverrepparttar 147214 final product. Most customers will agree to such a request without asking any questions.

Invoice More Frequently: Many companies send out invoices once a month, typically atrepparttar 147215 end ofrepparttar 147216 month. That gives buyers who purchased early inrepparttar 147217 month up to 30 additional days to play with your money. The frequency with which you prepare bills will depend on your business, but most companies can justify preparing invoices at least weekly.

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